Thursday, September 10, 2009

FISH A FISH [Facebook]

I started playing this Fish A Fish game yesterday
and here's my review for the game

Fish a Fish is a Facebook application
developed by Activate Play

What is it about?
Its basically a fishing game
where you get to level up
buy costumes and equipment
add stats that gives you bonus
to enhance your fishing experience

Here's your apartment
where you have access to your aquarium, trophey room, shops etc
Yes my character is call - Fatty Ming

This is my aquarium
where i keep some of my catch.
The fishes are not interactive
They do not bother each other
nor can u click on them to perform any animation
they just swim around all day.

As you level up
you are open to new fishing sites
that offers new breeds of fishes
which can be sold for higher price.
In return, you can use the profits
to buy your costumes and equipments.

When you have successfully upgraded
you may return to previous sites
to find that new species are available for catching.

Different equipment (rods/baits/hooks/pails/boats)
and Costumes (tops/bottoms/accessories/shoes)
gives you different edges at different prices.
For example, a more expensive item may give you +1 strength/accuracy/luck

And of cos to keep the developers alive
there is the Cash Shop
where you can purchase bonus items.
Money Talks - so yes the items are pretty attractive
The above image shows how i actually intended to mould my charcter.
However it would cost me 580 cash credits
other interesting items includes
nicer looking clothing and fanciful equipments.

However, if you were to ask me
would it be advisible/worthy to pay cash
my answer is Not Yet.
The edge is not significant
compared to items from the normal shop
where hard work pays off.

Overall, I would say its a simple yet fun and addictive Facebook game or application!
Ratings: 8/10
Recommended for: Age 6 and above and diligent gamers

Q1. Does the game update itself regularly?
A1. Yes. Alike Pet Society, there are always new equipment and costumes to buy every now and then.

Q2. How fast can I level up? Does this game require any skill?
A2. I did a 24hours intensive trial, you may level up to 9 or 10. Depending on your willingness to spend on the correct equipment and accuracy in catching the correct fishes. So yes, it requires a little technique and reaction.

Q3. Is there a hack for Fish A Fish?
A3. Currently, I have been to many cheat forums and site. Of course, including the most popular Cheat Engine hack site. The answer is unfortunately - No. Hack is not available at the moment. However, I am hopeful that some hacker will soon come out with the Money/Cash Hack or Item Hack or Level/Experience Hack pretty soon. I have also played around with Cheat Engine, could survive baiting 23 fishes with Speed Hack at 0.5 value before the data verification failure pops up. So you may want to try giving yourself a dexterity potion for 20 catches!

Q4. How come sometimes I couldn't visit my friends?
A4. Visiting friends gives you some bonus experience and coins, more if you clean up the algae buid-up on their aquarium tanks. The game loads your friends' display photos before the game character/avatar. You must wait for the avatar to load before you can visit that particular friend.

Q5. How do I perform the Speed Hack you mentioned earlier?
A5. First, you need to download and install Cheat Engine 5.5 or above here. Or at the main site. Next run the Cheat_Engine.exe application. Allow windows to run the application. Next select the program you want to run cheat engines with (the computer logo on the top left hand corner with the blinking green outline). Select your internet browser (Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer). Next check the box Enable Speedhack in the middle right section of the application. Finally, set the cheat to 0.5 and click on Apply. There you will have the game slowed down to 0.5 times the normal speed. Catch about 20 fishes, then switch back to 1, click on Apply. The game should autosave by now or you may manually save it. There you have it! Repeat till you are satisfied.

Q6. Cheating sounds like the easy way out, should I cheat?
A6. It is all based on individuals. Instead of cheating, why not enjoy the original flow of the game and level up when you deserve to? A good gamer takes pride in hardwork that pays off and avoids all shortcuts to reach the objective. It reaps you a true sense of satisfaction.

Click Here to play now!

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