Monday, September 21, 2009

End of 7th Month + WanLing 21st Birthday

yes.. i know
i watermarked my photos with the wrong image =_="
too late, okay?
anyways share some pic of the last day of 7th month

there's a very beautiful story
behind 7th month,
in buddhist context
about a son trying to save his mother
from suffering in hell...

goodbye good brothers and sisters
see you next year! =)

with the end of the scary 7th month
comes wanling's 21st birthday
Angels in the Garden

siling the armor protector
and pink ranger, koksheng

birthday girl
and her prince charming

it was thai buffet
fantastic food - i say

found something nice in the garden

writing her birthday card
end up only 4 of us from HTM
nvm can play mahjong.. hahha!

i dunno why
i enjoy taking photographs
of old people and children alot

tasty food

the cool HTM rangers

home-grown rose

set me free
from this indubitably senseless life

anyways if you are going to complain
that this post is not funnaye
i'm really tired after 3 hours of photoshop
and coming up next -
stay tuned!

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