Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cousin Lim De Wedding 26 Sept 2009

woke up early in the morning
to get to my cousin's house
to attend the tea-serving ceremony

see how happy my grandmother is

the ladies or rather.. the aunties

this old charcoal pot
where i had many pork-belly soup
during the many lunar new years

my secret love..

this looks awesomely familiar

the bride and groom arrives..

i think this is a tradition
where they have to eat tang yuan (a-balling)

and so starts the tea serving ceremony..

so cute right? matthew the little one

he was tasked to jump on the bed
i think it symbolises having children, sorta
got ang bao one leh, dun pray pray
quite an interesting chinese tradition, yes?

my ah ma again..
i think she realises her grandchildren are all
growing up too quickly

the bride and her bridesmaid

went to take a stroll
at where i used to stay
for all my childhood days
all the block catching and hop scotch

and its time to attend the wedding dinner

my sister

very nice candy
its those sugar cane candies
but with a "double-happiness" printed on them

we are table number 14

charmaine and family

the menu today

my family

they showed this video of cousin's childhood days
a lot of silly looking photos of me

enters the happy couple

me and my grandma

wow i love this shot
my 580EXII makes them look like superstars
but i din wan to flash a lot
cos their studio photographer may over-expose

the kiddy table
blue kid playing yoyo
matthew playing PSP
and the green kid....

... digging his nose

a place of many memories
event days where many conferences conceptualised
drinking with adrian rabbit, ah Q and lilpea

i went home
slightly drunk.. slightly..

anyways PP-ed 2 photos
for my cousin
these are resized to 720X480
i think i take pretty nice photos now
dun i?

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