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Happy 09-09-09 09:09 everybody!

You know what's the ugly truth?
The ugly truth is when you're dating the prettiest girl
in the whole wide world
and she does something that totally turns you off!



Digging nostrils is absoultely revolting
I just can't stand it!
Its like twirling hair off a huge hairy facial mole.
You know wat i mean? MOLEY!
Fortunately most local girls do not have nose hair
or do they dig their gold in public.
But the keyword is MOST


This happens when the date wears sleeveless
and flag for the bus/taxi,
or when holding the handle bars on public transport.
I can't help but have the impression that it stinks
cos hair collects sweat, germs and bacterial.
However, i have no issues with guys who do not shave their dark pits.
Hair on men = manly
Hair on women = stinky


Come on, I am not your father
and you're not Fiona Xie
I do not have to princess you!
Wat do i mean by "princess-ing"?
It means the date demands that I carry her lady bags for her
or when the bill arrives she pretends that
its my obligation to pay.
I am a gentleman but do show some participation
(at least pretend to).
You dun wan me to hoax you to a hotel
so do not make me treat you like a whore


I find it rather disrespectful that when we're on a date
my date picks up her phone every 5 sec, or gets an sms.
Especially when we are in a middle of a conversation.
"Hold on a second"
NO! It never took a second, it takes minutes!
And most of the time it kills my high so much
that I forget what I had wanted to say.
If its work, let work stay in the office.
Sit back and enjoy the date!


This is the number one turn-off for me.
I absolutely do not tolerate wasting food.
If you are not hungry, do not order a lot.
If the food taste like crap, try your best to finish it;
or at least pretend that you are trying your best
but the portion size is too large for you.
I do not mind paying for everything
if you really can finish it.

It grinds my gears to see girls order too much food.
We are not there for food tasting, we are there to eat.
Food is precious, there are millions of people who starved to death!
To make things worse, some girls complain a lot.
"Eeee.. I don't eat this."
"Yucks.. This is not nice at all."
"I don't even think my dog wants to eat this!"

Come on!
Respect the farmers who took months to prepare the ingredient.
Respect the chefs/cooks who prepare the food.
Respect the wait staff who serves you the food.

So what is one UGLY TRUTH that turns you off?

Not sure? Let me help you.
Watch The Ugly Truth!
If you enjoyed the movies Legally Blonde and Monster-in-Law
you gotta watch it.
By the same director Robert Luketic,
winner of Jury Award 1998 (Comedy) and Young Hollywood Award 2002 (Class Act)

watch trailer here:

Lovely crew you cannot resist
from the show includes:

Katherine Heigl
from Grey's Anatomy
Hot stuff, yes?
Absolutely, she's the female lead in this show.
The male lead will teach her how to dress provocative
and seduce her man. Yummaye.
So sit tight and be seduced!
The male lead is none other than..

Gerard Butler
Looks familiar?
Yes, he's King Leonidas, the big sexy hairy man from 300!
Also appeared in P.S. I Love You.
Hot stuff, yes ladies?
He probably has bigger boobs than most of you reading this.

Aren't these enough reasons for you to watch the show?
But just hold on a second..

The Ugly Truth is NC16
So if you are underage and need to look older
Marker Moustache Services are available!
Book an appointment with me to get
your most realistic facial/pubic hair drawn.

Hmmm.. Does 16yr olds have pubic hair?
I seriously can't remember something that long ago.

Be a fan at the Official Facebook Page and catch The Ugly Truth when it opens in the cinemas on the 17th September 09!

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