Monday, August 17, 2009

Once Upon A Time..

dropped dead this morning

holy molly
i only realise there was a typo after i printed out
Laguna National GOLD and Country Club

marina barrage - nothing much to see

there was a massive wake under my block
some TransCab big shot passed away
there was chinese opera, good food and all
but i was sick for as long as the 7-days wake

found a receipt from Carrefore
one christmas long long ago
with shar, we went to visit terri

filthy mirky water from washing my bags

used 65litres of water to clean all my bags
but when i was hanging em out to dry
i found a piece of melted chocolate in one of them

plants and utilities section
neatly packed

laptop section
neatly packed

dSLR section in my room
neatly packed

Ellie expresses her desire to move her clubhouse to
Paradise Falls in South America, a promise she makes Carl swear to keep.
Years pass, and Carl and Ellie marry and grow old together in the old house
where they first met while making a living as a toy balloon vendor and a zookeeper respectively.

Russell, a Wilderness Explorer trying to earn his final merit badge
for "Assisting the Elderly", has stowed away on the porch
after being sent on a snipe hunt by Carl the day before.

found myself watching some apunehneh show
on vasantham central
i love watching hindi movies

i have the very same FO t-shirt
FOs always bring me sad memories
indubitably senseless

was reading this sec2 essays written by my sister's student
rather entertaining

spent National Day with my family
how long have u not spent quality time with yours?


kane said he's bring me to supper
but we found ourselves at some thai pub
where these thai boys pretended to be ladies

after picking up his fren from the pub
we found ourselves in another club
with music blasting into my ears

finally we arrive at Lor 8+8 Eating House
oh boy, was i hungry?

authentic thai food
all the dishes were spicy
except for the fried egg

some Claypot Seafood 东粉 dish

very tasty tom yum
with prawns, clams and mussles

was breathing at my balcony
when i saw..

...a group of indians/banglas/pakistanis
playing cricket at the grass field
under my block
they always gather there for a game
whenever they could find the time
never understand the game
as much as it looked like baseball to me

me and james went for lunch
opposite our place
and stopped by the salon
while i was busy having runny nose
vinny played with my 500D

yes.. they're forever playing cricket

saw this burning thingamagik
then i realise quite a lot of people in my neighbourhood died lately

found this sticker tree opposite TP
i used to have all these sticker albums
with my furry stickers, shiny stickers, power ranger stickers etc
when i was young and without a worry
indubitably senseless life

our dear friend - xiao bing
from the prata shop

the moon was shy that night..

finally went back to collect my pay
from Laguna after the long wait..

Once Upon A Time..

Once Upon A Time..

Once Upon A Time..
i used to drink almost every other day
at Yum Yum Tree
bubble tea was my everything day

Once Upon A Time..
the parallel lights shone all the way to the Heaven of God

Once Upon A Time..
i was afraid alone angry..

Once Upon A Time..
i studied my exams at the library

Once Upon A Time..
there were shadows of Starbucks inside me

Once Upon A Time..
Jhoom Barabar Jhoom was a big part of my life
my direction my dream

Once Upon A Time..
i could hear ripples from my coffee cups

Once Upon A Time..
I could reach out into the skies

Once Upon A Time..
a pretty white dress

Once Upon A Time..
i had a Dragon Heart

we were brave and we had dreams

then again, mr. potter
have u changed your mind?

i was hoping for a double-cheeseburger-combo
but din work out as well as i thought it to be
fuck.. i suck at dota

and i was twice as shocked
when i saw my sec sch mate on the cover of FHM
omg almighty
i dunno why..
i'm rather upset by it
i dun like the idea that
anyone is wanking to my friends
thats why i blocked nacho low from my facebook
(also many others)

indubitably senseless life
i'll be overseas tonight
hope all will be well
for you guys reading this
take care =)
will be back before you know it

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