Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mr. Potter and His Ladies

i watched harry potter and the half-blood prince for 3 times
there's something i failed to figure out

out of the 4 girls
how come harry potter chose cho chang and ginny?
and why till the later part that he chooses ginny?
why not from the start? WHY?
so i did a bit of research...

used some of my genius-liked calculations
empirical formulae, pie, cosine, differentiate dydx, add potassium bicarbonate
and i compiled the picture above
now can you tell me why?

the answer is indubitably - NEH NEH
harry potter is a NEH NEH fan
he pick girls by looking at their racks
ginny only till later stage starts to develop some decent neh nehs

while hermoine and luna
suffers the fate of 3yr old boobies syndrome
if i were potter, my pick will be luna lovegood
i've always like strange creepy girls
who have a mind out of the world

there, maybe this pic will motivate mr. potter
actually not even a handful
but yea oh well..

suit yourself!

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