Thursday, August 27, 2009


according to experts
these horoscopes should not go swimming during this 7th month
1. Horse
2. Bull
3. Snake
4. Dragon
their stars caused them to be easily victimised near waters
also be very careful when near sea/river/canals/drains/bath-tubs
reference: (05:42)

especially girls should be more caution
cos girls' body are more 阴 (yin)
and they attract those 阴 stuff (ghosts)
also according to experts
this year's 7th month witness more "advanced" level spirits
(as in more of the 怪/monster level)

so there
1. try not to go to water sources
2. avoid going out after dark
3. avoid wearing red or black if you have to go out at night
4. avoid attracting them by having sex(intimacy)/watching porn/ghost movies
5. play mahjong and funny spirit conjuring games like ouija board

so there u go!
have a good weekend, folks!

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