Thursday, August 20, 2009

Money Making at Genting [AUGUST]

all geared up and ready to go

this is the first time i'm sitting this Z-class coach
the seats look kinda like a space shuttle

when the tv was on
i saw this show
tot it was pretty scary

its by 李心洁
i would say pretty crappy show
about recycling, i think

stopped by Yong Peng
for the usual fishball noodles

international buffet breakfast at Resort Hotel
GP: 10/pax

morning balance: +RM250
played Bacarat, Pontoon and Casino Wars

checked into the hotel
pretty good view
but i prefer those that you can see ppl staying opposite
cos always got naked fat baldly men with their sexy girls
frantically closing the blinds when they see you watching them

dinner at First World Kopitiam
Thai Pineapple Fried Rice RM16.90
night balance: -RM300

walked past the arcade
there was no giraffe to win
so i gave it a miss

breakfast at mcdonalds'
it makes my mum happy
cos she rarely has the chance to eat mc'breakfast
morning balance: -RM50

"I kissed a girl and I liked it
The taste of her cherry chapstick"

no dun be mistaken
i rarely play jackpot machines
i think they're friggin' boring pieces of crap
afternoon balance: +RM2,950

lunch at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant
RM99+++/- per pax
style: fine dining

some kinda shark fins chicken pork rib soup
shark fin's about 2cm X 1.5cm
soup taste like normal chicken soup from opposite my place

honey-roasted fragrant yam roll
looks kinda like procuitto
a thin piece of char siew styled bacon
wrapped over a yam
not too bad but not impressive

abalone with goose feet and cabbage
the goose feet is pretty tasty
pretty nice dish
abalone is 2.5cm X 2.5cm

happy parents

lotus leaf rice with shrimps
quite nice, not too oily
and has a nice lotus leaf fragrance

ah yat hand-made bird's nest egg tart
pretty tasteless
hahha.. yes, you read correctly - tasteless

dessert was gui ling gao
some kinda herbal jelly
very bitter and i din enjoy it
so i swap my mum for her almond tea

after dinner my parents flew back
into the casino, i went to buy myself a movie ticket
they'll be showing UP soon

still have one hour to go
so i decided to get drunk with the mini-bar
but nope, no drinks at all

so i went to Bum City
saw some stuff i wanted to buy
but they din have wat i was looking for
the previous time
but i dun wanna buy it now

caught the movie - 大内密探灵灵狗
by 古天乐,徐熙媛/大S,樊少皇
watch trailer -
sipeh funnaye
especially when its in cantonese
but i feel that the director is trying too hard
to make 古天乐 act like stephen chow

which would u prefer?
the smell of a RM500 casino chip
or the smell of a stack of money worth RM500?
i would choose the chip, anytime
balance: +RM8,250

intenational breakfast at Genting Hotel
food and service was fantastic
not crowded at all
GP: 30/pax
morning balance: +RM 350

over the hills and far away
teletubbies come to play

was watching this cartoon in the room
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids
its quite nice leh..
i'm such a kid
afternoon balance: +RM65

so that concludes my gambling journey
final balance: +RM65 and a casino limited edition RM5 chip

gonna find my way home

pit-stop at a local product retail
bought a few fattening stuff for my sister to munch on

then the TV was showing this japanese show call 轮回
its quite cool show about a mass murder 30 years ago
then they are filming this show casted by people in their after lifes
most importantly there is 優香
one of my favourite japanese idol many years ago

優香 Yuka

how mr. potter?
does this make you very happy?
definitely more than a handful
now you can ditch ginny

dinner was chicken kway teow at yong peng
not too bad
but too many relentless warrior flies

then it started to rain
ahh.. bed time

no not really bedtime..
they were showing 200-Pounds Beauty
by Kim Ah-Jung
fuckin' funnaye
i love the show so much

after that they were showing Jacky Wu's 一见你就笑
how to sleep?
the bus was roaring with laughter

oh yes, mr. potter
you may consider this asian beauty also
如花 may be your best bet
neh neh gao gao also

home sweet home

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