Monday, August 3, 2009


went to TIMES with jon
then i found this book
i'm supposed to be in ho chi minh now
with kane and jiafu
plan scrapped

bought my dad breakfast
carrot cake partay

jon's turn to draw
lamb shank in curry gravy

i explained to him laguna's guest
have this mentality
that when they see GOAT
they do not eat
when they see SHEEP
it will sell very well

and i've proven myself
none sold that day

found a cake in the chiller room
yum yum

the malay relacs one corner

xueliang cooking pasta at the western kitchen

what the fuck is FO YONG OMELET?
we're doing 煮炒 now?
xueliang refuses to do the dish as it is not in the menu
then flo'rida came in and i sensed a fight arise
so i coaxed xueliang to cook it
fuck me senseless

no one patronized lamb shank that day
so i shall eat one
while naz has his vongole

amatricana - no pasta stated
again and again
someone's trying to be difficult?

september promotion - herbal chicken soup
well.. ok shall not comment

take us home

double cheeseburger at mac

31 july morning
saw my name on the newspaper


i drew this
damn failure
wanted to draw prawn
but end up looking like a tree trunk

me and jon doing our final cooler box set-up

and the last time we play

last meal in laguna

after work
the boys went to cafe cartel
to torture ourself
with the poor food and service

guess who i saw at tampines one
she was abducted by aliens
such a cute piece of work

look i got parson nose chin
just like gordon ramsay and john travolta

went to eat dinner with bernard chin
at picololo
$4.40 national day promotion - AMAZING

saw joan, jessy bessy and wokeyi
at tampines mall
its been so long

here we are at cartel once again

i ordered this chocolate mint drink
which was super duper bland
i asked for a change

btw ppl who know me long enough
knows that i dun eat/drink mint

edwin's expression - priceless

apong and his food

naz and his demon feast

spotted baobao's cousin

indubitably senseless life

kbox cine




found 15 empty cigarette packs in my locker

so i packed up
and left for the next lucky guy
to use my locker
my 小霸王无敌打狗棒

goodbye locker 16

goodbye ahpong jon's michael jackson shoes

goodbye farmie

support yanti here

our final e-journal
all hatred for laguna

anyone wanna work for cadbury?
drop me a line
9 days - $345

i'm such a cheater

stalker stalker stalker

i swear i suck at intel heroes

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