Sunday, August 30, 2009

Do you have a Guinea Pig?

A friend asked me casually over morning coffee on msn
"MING, what do you think is going to be the next big thing? Any business ideas?"
I replied firmly
"Stock up on guinea pigs, hamsters and mice. If possible, mole rats too!"

Alike my friend, you are probably thinking that I have gone kuku;
Especially after spending $899 on a Canon 580 EX II flash.
WRONG! Guinea Pigs are indubitably the NEXT BIG THING.

G-Force will be aired on 4th September 2009

I will give you 8 reasons why this movie is going to be a blast.
Now now.. Listen up

It took me a good 3 weeks to complete the PSP G-Force game
before i even get to catch that movie!
Frankly, its a hell lot of fun
You get to be Agent Darwin (yes, the lead ball of fur)

The alpha, The hero
The super guinea who can do all your BMT Standard Obstacle Courses
and make you army recuits look like sissies.

Agent Darwin can hack into the Saber (enemy) intel systems
to take control of the walking Electical Appliances.
One moment I can be a vending machine firing canned drinks
Another moment I can be a microwave oven trying to bake some enemies
Next I can even be an office water dispenser, spinning around doing the Swan Lake

How sweet is this?

To top things up, they even have this high-tech pet housefly, Mooches
that fires ray beams and enter inaccessible areas for them.
And we all know - Man love our Gadgets!

There is the sexy girl guinea pig Agent Juarez

Totally love the part where the little girl bought her from the pet shop
and dress her up as a princess,
while she's supposed to be girl-power tough, yet classy rose in the thorn bush
Do you know that Penélope Cruz is the voice behind Agent Juarez?
Hot stuff, yes!


We have Agent Blaster who is the weapon expert of the team.
There's this part where he modifies a remote control car
and drives it like a Subaru WRC to rescue Agent Juarez.
How cool?
Cooler than Michael Schumacher!


Haha.. This is one my favourite character - Hurley
The fat guinea pig king from the pet shop.
He is so useless in contrast with the team
he makes the whole show super duper funny.
In addition, he has a Canadian hamster as his henchman.
Trust me, you gonna love and hate him!


Speckles the Mole-Rat - my favourite character in G-force
and you know who's the voice behind Speckles?
You will not believe its Nicolas Cage
One more time, now.

You know who's the voice behind Speckles?
Its Nicolas Cage!
WHAT? Yes.. Its true. Nicolas Cage.
He's been my hero since Con Air in 1997
I've watched some of his shows a million time
Con Air, The Rock, Windtalkers, National Treasure (X 1 million)

WHAT? Nicolas Cage?
Yes.. I think thats quite enough.


The 3 mice from the pet shop
I give you a predicament:
That when you're at the movies
the girls will start squealing and nudging their boyfriends when the mice talk.
They are easily the cutest things in this world
with their helium balloon voices.
Super cute when Hurley asked them "you guys are all idiots right?"
and they chorused "Right"
Also the part where they cheered "Whee! The circus!"


Kelli Garner is playing Marcie,
one of the good guys Intel Agent.
She wears specs in the show too! >_o
How hot is she?
I bet even Mr. Harry Potter wants to watch her in this show.

Yes.. Also, if you love Black Eyed Peas
you gonna watch that show - for real!
It has all of their latest top hits =)

Bring yourself, your parents, your grandparents to watch the show
and be prepared to buy guinea pigs, mice and hamsters for them.

Trust me on this - go watch this!
Catch G-Force in cinemas 4th Sep 2009

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