Saturday, August 29, 2009

chewbacca came to my dream

i juz had a weird ass dream
that i'm in a game
u know those multi player RPG
where u get to be many different characters
at the same time
and u can change hero every now and then
but only use one at a time

i was fighting these monsters
in a dark cave trying to rescue some princess
then all my heroes died
my last hero was chewbacca

who suddenly came back to life
oh yea! chewbacca rocks

maybe its a reminder to watch starwars again
or a reminder that i'm an idiot

anyway i told myself to stop playing Mafia War after level 450
but now i'm level 473
i juz dunno when to stop

now i'm telling myself that i wun go drinking tonight
lets see if u see me at my drinking spots later
come on, be hopeful

going out for my photoshoot now
why can't shoots be all at night
have a good weekend everyone

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