Thursday, August 6, 2009

500D MING and JON in town

3pc KFC for me to shut up
and watch my videos
munch munch munch

i used to eat here
when i was studying at tmart mac
nothing's changed
huiluan still works for that mac
the stall is still is same

perhaps.. i'm the only one who changed

i ate duck rice
they used tai sing sambal chili also

and guess who i saw at mr. prata (tmart)?
james, nic - say AH MUI!

i found myself watching OKTO

heading out to meilan's to eat her banmian

heading out to IDP

this is one thing jon and myself agree
we can't stand people staring over your shoulder on the train

doesn't matter if you're actually staring
at my newspaper, magazine, PSP or laptop..

..or cleavage
get your own!

and oh my god
which zombie chewed this piece off the traffic light?

it was a long walk to IDP
got lost, but got some good sun

after missing so many standard charter runs
i think i'll go for this

who could resist this
after seeing the name
i couldn't
but i did
the day after a scrumptious japanese buffet at Fuurin

used to call this "pole-dancer"
and it was featured on 联合晚报
and The New Paper
before STOMP! became so damn popular

and this dude..
he's like a 不倒翁
he swings from left to right asleep
and scares the people on both sides

such a long bus queue home
anyway i'm not thinking of getting a car or something
its too damn materialistic to be thinking of a car in singapore
i dun come from a well-to-do family anyway

foreword: photos are taken with 500D
but i'm too lazy so i compressed them all to 400X300
to make it easier for me to upload
please dun complain that your face is fat or your penus is square

such a beautiful architecture
likened to the Esplanade (also affectionately known as the Durian or "Liew Lian")
making use of the rounded-edges concept
with endless glass for the poor janitors to wipe

escalators that brings you down 2-storeys at one go
always freaks me out in a way
especially the one at Changi Airport MRT
probably after i witnessed the suicide
when i was working for Starbucks T2 years ago

i dunno..
but somehow i feel it can be transformed into some massive super robot
when neighbouring countries attack

apong jon planning ways to infiltrate RGS
as a butch

why can't laguna give us our pay
and stop following us around
we dun wanna work for u

there was a new shop opening/launch
and there were really really pretty models
and one of them said on the platform
"how many of you recycle?"
i was thinking
"how many boyfriends have u recycled?"

sipeh auntie
he bought a bottle of 凉茶

we went to FEI SIONG 肥熊
at Food Opera Ion
to eat some fishball noodles
that are on $2.80 promotion

the seats were barely visible
how many secret compartments/features
does this place actually have?
the more i'm convinced ION
is a robot-in-disguise

their fishball noodles (dry)
apong jon shared that Fei Siong is renowned
for their noodle dishes and fish cake with bean paste
well.. an auntie would know

but i'm not very impressed
it taste just like the fishball noodles opposite my place
and the auntie isn't even Fat
nor a Bear
(note: Fei Siong means Fat Bear in Mandarin)

this is an absoultely stupid thing to do
to file your chopsticks on top of your food
you'll get all those "saw-dust" inside your food

this is an absolutely cool thing to do
play acoustic when you're eating fishball noodles
pretend you're on a drum set or xylophone
and lip sync to shopping center music
i'm singing
"You're everything I need and more
It's written all over your face
Baby I can feel your halo
Pray it won't fade away
I can feel your halo halo halo"

no i'm just kidding
dun play with your food

been drinking a lot of coke lately
i'm intoxicating myself enough
to die 10 years early

DANGOS, anyone?

the queue was quite long
with a few cute yet indecisive girls
so lets look at the toilet

the toilet sign was kinda misleading
for an uneducated imbecile like myself
upon seeing it, the message processed in my brain was
"uhhh.." (drools half a litre)
"this toilet can only accommodate 4 people each time.."

cool balls
1. everything is automated
from soap dispenser to tap to individual hand-dryers at each sink
2. and the tap is actually fast reacting
u know these auto ones sometimes dispense water only after
you place your hand in front for 5 sec
3. the toilet is equipped with their very own well-groomed janitor
polishing the mirrors
must be hard for him

but it impressed me

more importantly
the mirror makes me look handsome
very nice

back to the dangos
there's a huge selection of em
from watermelon to banana flavor
din really dare to try the cream cheese one though

dangos were freshly prepared

our pick - SUIKA-AN
the watermelon paste dango

even an auntie enjoys it

spotted my favourite TAIYAKI
but the queue was too damn long

so we had YAMI yogurt


there's also a Food Opera
that doesn't sell any main dish below $5
Hokkien Mee $5.50
Laksa $5
Carrot Cake $4.50
Chicken Wings $1.60 per piece
ok.. shall stop scaring you with my excellent memory

Japanese Kurobuta pigs wandering around aimlessly
inside Food Opera
(Kuro means Black, Buta means Pig)

now are we not having enough of H1N1 media flaring

there's also tim sum carts
going around the dining area
"Har Gao Siew Mai Char Shao Bao.."

and my favouritest boutique
that brings back tonnes of memories

was taking a smoke
when jon spotted something intriguing

meanwhile i taught jon how to play with shutter speed
on my Canon EOS 500D

mmmm.. unside down bird feet?

lullaby boy
featured on


i'm playing this game
that Matt Leo introduced me
its call - Plants vs. Zombies
probably a kids game
but i'm enjoying it thoroughly

more horrible hopeless DotA
from me
by the way my GArena nick is jekyll69
if you chance upon me
do trace me and give me
a good ass-kicking

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