Thursday, July 16, 2009

With only 15 days remaining..

what the hell is this?

pit stop for jonapong and leong

dinner that day..
the chicken was beyond horrible

ah hui is an idiot
he burnt 2 chicken satays
and buried em underneath the good ones
the customer complained
and ah lun offered to make em a few good ones
but they refused
saying that the kitchen ppl will spit on their food
they dun dare to eat

all service recovery fails
if the customer refuse to accept it
remember that!

where are the stewarding guys when we need em?
actually there are more
to the left of the picture

xueliang cooked this
large intestines
cest' super

august bak kut teh promotion
target market - office exec from neighbouring locations
good! they finally made it right
after eating in more often
but quite disappointed with the marketing tools
and action plans
so cliche! this company never think out of the box - NEVER!
its always old farts doing passe shitnitz

sometimes i think they are crazy
curls sticks his middle finger at me for no reason
work must be driving them insane
especially after inhaling all the foul rancid soiled dish evaporates

afterwork tau huey
with edwin and jonapong

jon and naz is on OFF day [monday]
so i bought myself a carrot juice
and wait...

everything comes to an end one day
even the strongest
who could survive through
all these ages of evolution

indubitably senseless life

lunch that day

inspired chef - apong michelle
will-i-am would kill me
if he sees me holding the chef knife again (yes, again)
but nobody kills michelle
cos she got the BLACK KING BAR!

the infested-terran
is back from his quarantine
u have no idea
how many people are coughing and sneezing
in the kitchen
cos u see the food, not the process

lunch that day

i'm not surprised why the kitchen people
sticks so well
and us, always having arrows flying around
abusing of power and authority
like a war ground
they eat together and dun throw ranks
they are family

the precious sweetpea
was waiting for her food
pranced around the dining area
collecting flowers center pieces
and stacking em up like skycrapers

not another of my haviannas please!!!!!!
fuck me senseless!

met up with ken and kejie
at TEA.DOT [tampines one]
after work

(1 plus 1 promotion)
very tasty
not too cheesy
just nice to the bite
crust was a little too thin

first time i'm having earl grey lemon tea
its mysteriously delicious
however the staff failed to inform us that
the sugar syrup is at the bottom

Royal Earl Grey
Kejie ordered iced, but it came hot
but the service was pretty good
so we pardon the staff
also, the first time i tasted earl grey with milk
my face was like O_o!!!
english breakfast still works best with milk

Tired Cafe Latte
i'm not really a tea person
you can say i'm not a refined englishman
i'm more like a hectic lifestyle new yorker
nice latte
but i rarely have it sweetened
cos i could tell a good espresso shot from a bad one
this one comes sweetened
the staff informed me about it
and i allowed her to judge my sweet tooth
it arrived pretty good
except - it came from an automatic low-pressured machine

my handsome fellas
ken tan and kojac tang

and i bought new haviannas
it makes me happy

me - morning - carrot juice

its my birthday, right?

me and jon were tasked to scrub cooler boxes again
kinda hate it
so we ended up splashing water at each other
like teenage girls at a summer beach party
it was a complete failure
cos there weren't any wet t-shirt satisfaction
nor erected nipples
just 2 bored dudes with steel wool
waiting for dinner break

when there's AIKO - drow ranger
there's ICHIGO - bleach
i insist

waiting for time
is the most unbearable thing for me

one of our best seller
lamb shank in curry gravy

a lot of jackass-es
like to take tupperware from my station
mess em up
taking it for granted
we shall see who cleans up the mess
now brandon is gone
and i'll be gone soon

now i know
where the lagoonians picked up their horrible engrish

i broke a carlsberg beer glass
and weikeng cleaned it up for me
pretty nice guy
with too much tattoos

he's a come-back part-timer

dinner that day
chicken rice - distasteful

saw a snail at the smoking area
very cute

this could possibly be the key to my heart
yes maybe

jonapong caught me
playing with a beetle
actually i'm juz repositioning it
so it does not get squashed

scrubbing cooler boxes

DotA with tang guo

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