Sunday, July 12, 2009

SUSHI TEI 2 + MANPUKU [20 days left]

marbling is only used for cows
oh my god almighty
whoever wrote this
and marbling means fats
its like writing
"marbling of marbling"
if this was seen in Food and Wine magazine
it would be the biggest industrial joke

schedule this week

when peter.k wants
peter.k gets!
even if he wants to take-away a claypot dish

i saw this beetle at the bar
and i ran to it
hoping its shell is iridescence
but no.. disappointed

the golf buggy car park
its haunted at night

dinner that day

dinner that day
notice the colour all look the same
faded cos its soaked in its gravy from 10am to 5pm
thats like 7 hours
do you know that cooked food is poison after 4 hours?
no, probably nobody in lagoona knows

a disastrous monstrosity
a bowl with spikey hair style

jonapong and nazipong
got a feel of how its like to be thrash boys

aglio olio EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA spicy

this phenomenon occurs almost every evening
when the golfers return from their games
probably the only good food is - carrot cake + rojak
or rather food that cannot go wrong

a very common sight
of ivy talking on the phone
with her girlfriend during breaks
when u sit at the table
she'll walk away

i can tell
if anyone tries to tamper with my work

isn't this the series
they are airing on tv now?
wait a min.. ah qing buys pirated DVDs
i'm gonna call the copyrights authorities
arrest her, her DVDs and her desserts
take everything and
deliver all the ice jelly to my house

fuckin' hell
we were tasked to scrub cooler boxes
i hate it so much
u get bleach flying all over the place
all over your skin

dinner that day
nasi lemak with soggy chicken wings

i planned my last PH-replacement
on the 28th July 2009
the night fuurin will be having a celebration for edwin
so where da fark is our celebration
i dun think there's any
cos they dun even treat us like human
but i dun care also
i'm not human

the man that i waited a month to see
mr. chng (81112-0)
according to meilan, he is a very stingy person
but no! when i served him
he was very appreciative
he looks at me in the eye when he says "thank you"
he also orders a lot of food for his friends to enjoy
he's a good man, meilan
you're wrong

went to take a peak at the ballroom
for saturday's wedding function
very nice colours
but very rude banqueting staff

mustard boy
bastard boy

compare this to the one above
u can't mix my kinda colours
cos u dun know the key ingredients
ok, i'm being an idiot
its juz a sandwich board

i wonder wat tyres muhd wati uses

after work
me, edwin goh, edwin gan, jonapong, nazirul
went to ehub to catch transformers
and we ate Super Dog while waiting for
edwin gan and nazirul
who were wating for a bus that terminated more than 15min ago


bankean trying to act cool

fresh chicken burger
u mean the rest of the chicken are not fresh?
its like sushi tei menu has an edible wild vegetables
u mean the other wild vegetables (yasai) are inedible?
it is NOT common sense
some companies have their menu and food name decided
by the top management
who lacks F&B knowledge
they make silly mistakes like this

apple whores


see the resemblance between
jonathan chan and ng swee kean
they make a lovely couple

monstrous devour

life is like a ferris wheel
it spins u round and round
when u know ur legs
are still at the same spot
indubitably senseless

TRANSFORMERS 2: Revenge of the Fallen
fucken good piece of movie
only that its too long
and i have very short attention span
i began to feel restless
after 1.5 hours
and all i noticed is megan fox's bouncy boobs

back at base
how come lagoona doesn't have all these H1N1 preventive measures
are we being too positive
or ignorant?

saw some scribblings on the table
"Key to the Heart"

mr. ben cassim
our good man

the whimpsical morning rain
left behind droplets of water
evidenced on the leaves and petals
but all gone in an hour
life - indubitable senseless

beautifully faded

saw nick and his waxy bag
i like it

shots by jonapong


Maguro Natto
not smelly enough

Grey Plate

Phoenix Roll
Refreshing avocado on crispy unagi

Red Dragon Roll
Salmon tastes very fresh
but a bad combination to be ordered with
the phoenix roll

Hiyashi Soba
i din like it
despite generous serving of crab legs
despite the tasty seasoning
maybe i dun like my noodles cold

Samurai Leong and Samurai Jonapong
are in da house
love u long time
i wonder if u know
how they live in tokiii-oh

Shiratama Azuki
tasty macha ice-cream on waffle
with 3 dangos and red bean paste
delicious but probably not a popular order
cos it took quite a while to arrive
and the waffle wasn't exactly crispy

Melon Sherbert
tasty, refreshing and very aromatic
you get to keep the little melon container too

Shoyu Ramen
a simple dish that couldn't go wrong
but perhaps the chef was sleeping
it wasn't good

Hotate Misomayo
Miso and mayonnaise paste on scallops
rich strong flavours that fills your mouth
very very tasty
but too damn "gelat" to eat more than a piece
recommended for sharing

Strawberry Icecream
Ice-cream hidden in frozen strawberries
similiar to the ones you can buy at Mos Burger
only more expensive

All shots taken with Canon EOS 500D
18-55 lens
compressed to deformity
by lazy photographer

General - 9/10
Service - 8/10
not very attentive staff despite over-staffing
waitresses offers to top up ice water and green tea readily
Ambience - 9/10
Food - 8/10
din really enjoy some of the dishes i ordered
Presentation - 10/10
Portion Size - 10/10
Beverage/Dessert - 9/10


me and james went for more dessert
after sushi tei
cos we were craving for manpuku's cakes

Sweet Soya Sauce Dango
i dunno
din eat this
cos i dun really fancy dangos
but they look really pretty

Kinako Warabi Mochi
i really love this dessert
but it taste different from the last time
i had it, less chewy
maybe its closing expiry date

Strawberry Mont Blanc
heavenly combination of flavors
i can eat 20 of these

Tea Set
I chose Queen's Tea
very nice and quantity was good enough
for me to enjoy even after i finished my cake
absolute value for money
(with purchase of cake)

Chocolate Strawberry Tart
good quality chocolate detected in cake
worth every cent

Roger, Mark and gang

POKKA Grape Jelly Juice
something like Mogu-mogu
but comes with a nice purple tin container
you can take home

Tender Chicken Curry Rice

Here for the food
Trying-to-be-cyborg Edwin Goh
NS-man James Ong
Monk Leong

Pork with Asparagus
Pork Belly (Sauce)
Scallop (Sauce)

after that we hung out at the outside seating area
comfortable place to chit chat over tea

Farhan J
working at Uniquo now

Dinner with bankean
Beef with spring onions and ginger
and Nai Bai

was reading an ebook
thought i may share it with all of you
[click image to enlarge]

AI+ with tang guo
i too damn suck
especially when medusa got its linken sphere
and eye of skadi
chase till i heh heh chuan

Twist of fate
was winning
but ended up having our ancient destroyed

POTM Victory
Won this game real quick
but i was under-level
cos my left hand couldn't cordinate
hotkeys A, E and C properly

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