Tuesday, July 7, 2009


its gives me a massive headache to see - ICE CAPPUCCINO
since the days when i was at starbucks
people who order this item just do not know wat a cappuccino is
there is no such thing as chilled foam, dumb asses
and its painful to make at lakes

more importantly - STORBELLY

dong dong dong qiang
i tot it was chinese new year

lunch today

how do we make a dish like this?
maybe we could beat up the western cook
before he makes the pasta

i was trying to give the board a more creative touch
by drawing 2 stars
nope no complaints..

was doing morning shift
so time to count the stinky towels
but will be something i miss after i leave lagoona

i like to see fat people cooking
it gives me an assurance
they know wat is gonna be tasty
this cook's name is BURGER
very nice guy

ah sam and chester checkin' out wats cookin'
its chester's last day
before he goes NS on 10 July (friday)

food is fantastically fresh at 10.45am
just imagine
i have been eating these food prepared since 10am at 5pm
for 5 fucken months

aunty rose was very nice
she peeled an orange for me
i remember during CCN Club Mad Day
she brought her daughter
and walked past Lakes
she pointed at me and told her daughter
"this is mummy's boyfriend"
hahha.. wtf!

kids simply love to vandalise tables
wherever they go
this is only one example from my work place
i somehow feel that kids who vandalises turn out to be
creative young people when they grow up
but often irresponsible

it was quite a funny incident
table 45 ordered a burger
table 46 ordered a burger (requested medium)
however table 45 wanted the kitchen to redo it
saying that the burger was not cooked
so chester came in and re-fired the order
but wrote as table 57

so when i served the well-done burger to 57
the ang mo there say "no its not mine, mate!"
while the man at 46 waved at me and "burger? me!"
(note: he requested his burger medium)
so i gave it to him

then when his medium burger was ready to be served
i was like "oh my god almighty"
table 45 who requested his burger well done,
wouldn't want it medium!
fortunately table 46 has not touched his
wrongly served well-done burger
so we wanted to give his burger to the koreans at 45
but 45 din want it cos he saw it coming from 46

so lixue, being the senior server leading Station D
tried to explained to 45 with her bitter-lemon face
and the koreans fearfully accepted the 46 well-done burger
however suspected sabotage
paid for the burger but did not touch it at all
wat a waste of food

but at least the koreans at 45 are smart
cos despite the fact we dun sabotage our customers
they know that one must not offend the person who brings u food
and they have probably learnt of evil china people
who use old disposed hospital linens to bleach and sell as new pillows
causing diseases and illness
(if you dunno this incident, its time to read the newspaper)

morale of the story
is not the brutality of china people
but to not show a bitter-lemon face to guests
cos they are as afraid of you
as you are afraid of them

monday - morning shift

i have totally no skill in
scaling and peeling oranges
i admit defeat

anyway while in the kitchen
ah lun wanted me to explain to govan
wat abalone is, in english or malay
but i couldn't find the right word
so i did the "lick a pussy" hand sign
and govan went "ahhhh..."
sex is probably man's international language

LEONG MING EN, Man's Golf Champion 2009
handicap -18

since the 2 stars i drew earlier
received no complaints
i took a step further to drawing a chicken
and fiona said it was a "鸡公/鸡头"

on sundays we sell pratas
plain prata - $3
will u buy it?

fresh lunch today 10.45am
sam helped me cut up my deep fried chicken wing

have u ever seen a senior sous chef
preparing packed lunch for bangladeshi workers?
he's really a very nice guy
if it were some other bastards
they'll probably call the weakest link
in the kitchen to come do this kinda shit job

i mean.. i would

waffie's mother-in-law brought back rambutans
from her kampung
so he shared it with us

this sight always disturbs me
any dead animal bigger than the size of my palm
i find it to be corpses

we're like living in middle east
where they decapitate people

the GM came to do food testing
but WHY?
WHY at lunch time when its busy?
WHY does he finish up the food-testing dishes?

food testing is supposed to be done
at off-peak periods of the day
and just taking nibs of it
to test if the dish is good
NOT eating it to your fill for lunch
fuck me senseless

my name is LEOCH
a Scottish Castle from the medival times

this is cute



bumped into loulin desker and tiffany hendrix
at simei

super cute baby bunny
but it smells like diapers

it look so tiny and helpless

simei east point food court
chicken rice

we built this city on rock-and-roll

why are they wearing party hats?

dota continues to suck
with zero kills


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