Wednesday, July 1, 2009


good morning friends
i juz woke up dreaming that
i was driving a luxury car
and and and i went to this book store
and when i was making a purchase
there was a power trip
and the cashier tried to cheat my money

while preparing for benji's indoor shoot
i cw-ed a bit

look at baobao87 breastfeeding benji


pok's wallet that i was talking about
got nipple one

i got myself a new telephoto lens

i find this pork rib mee sua extremely delightful
however, it ended up in misery
i walked past this guest
and he pulled out a metal wire from his mouth
and shouted at me "你要我死啊?"
then i got bernard to attend to him

food contamination?
he was the member who lead 250 members to petition
for half of their membership fees back
cos lagoona have been giving false promise
to the completion of the golf courses
if you have read the newspaper last week
appeared once in the new paper and straits time

you decide!

me and jon-jon-帅哥
counting down to the end of our lives


ahpong-hwa insisted i take a photo of him
with the sandwiches he presented
anyway he is an sex fiend
beware, especially girls who goes clubbing/drinking

sour rancid dinner that day

went to eat dinner with edwin and jon
at simei
tasty hokkien prawn noodles
i'm a sucka for this kinda stall
carrot cake, oyster omelette.. etc
u know wat i mean


almost forgetting to post this
sexy edwin photo
wanna see edwin's ass?
transfer S$100- into my bank account now

i choose to believe
this is the VIP bus service/queue

breakfast - herbal black chicken soup

saw this on the newspaper
oh my god almighty
a lot of people are still complacent
this is actually a very evil world


ah pong

dinner that day

our food heater spoilt
so all our crackers and papadum spoilt
its good - cos manial aka whiskers wun come steal our crackers
its bad - cos they became soft and flaccid
and bernard made popiah out of them

then as usual whenever something fun is going on
jon comes in and say "oh my god almighty"
and i say "put it in your mouth, baby, all the way in"

ahlun is smoking this bidi thing
that indians smokes
its a leaf wrapped cigarette
has a distinctive smell
and it makes their eyes red
no its not ganja/marijuana,
they can't afford it

ah hoe is actually a nice guy
but he's too creepy and dumb
grinds my gears some times
but he's trying his best now
to do his job
and not be an ass
to save his job
cos ramsay said,
"one more time and you're done!"

i like this daily special thing that alvin has done
its clever =)


oh my god
who reads this kinda stuff besides sweekean?

the answer is sam
oh my god

i got 2 of the little miss and mr that i like
goodie goodie
very lucky

aponghwa made some really tasty pork dish

sucky dinner again

whimpsical life..

this is wat i do
on most days of my job
"one fish and chips, two seafood horfun - how long?"
about 7.5inches la

and this is wat i do
when guests are rude to me
i'm too busy and ethical to do these shitnitz
however it is very real in the industry
i've seen plenty of worse cases

so be nice to the person who brings you food

i always knew there was
something wrong with waffie


he sits there through lunch
enjoying his food
without a worry in his mind
without noticing the shit mess
sallyman created on tuesdays before his death

anyways i read this food review
a bit the obvious its by a staff
and we know his name is russel

a beautiful place i would bring my date
too bad it has been closed for a long long time

liangyong's pet snail

sucky dinner again

japanese murdering in action

the dark knight - selvam


click to enlarge and download! =D
great for bed-post posters
looks fantastic on your fridge too

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