Wednesday, July 8, 2009

LAGOONIAN TURFIN' [23 more days]

good news in the morning
the ICE JELLY SUPREME is back!

ahpongjon went to vandalise the deployment chart


drew this for wednesday's daily special
but i wasn't too happy cos
the words weren't so clear from afar
so i re-did the LAMB SHANK
later i re-did the LAKES CAFE thingy also

GM Jonapong went for Food Testing
and he gave the thumbs-up-approval

Chef Alvin on our magazine
very proud of him
but he isn't too happy about it
cos he said whenever he appears
on calendars and magazines
he'll change job soon

the moon was HUGE and RED
from our view at around 7pm
very pretty

i found a well full of forks

editorial mistakes
but this one is really dumb

after work again

Chocolate Cream Cherry

Grilled Porkchops
very tasty, fatty and to the teeth
love it


where's my food?
where's my food?

Meat Lover's Special

Chicken's Chef Salad
the chicken is tasty
salads should not go wrong
and it din

jonapong was disappointed
cos his pork chops arrived cold

naz was saying something about his cherry having
an alcohol taste in it
"tak halal siol"

Eastside Brownie
it arrived bigger than we expected
however it was too soft
but still warm and tasty


Fucked-up Lagoonians are at

after we reached home
me and jonapong got horny
and we decided to go for a cruisin'-a-quickie
so we stole a car and met up

when we reach our sex park
there were too many people
so we played with my camera instead

optimus prime
before it transformed

piss off people
we wanna have sex

so we waited
but more people came
hence we played with the camera again

jonapong trying to destroy my photo

we went to site 2
but there were police officers

then we went to site 3
but it was too quiet and spooky
so we talked about having sex with sweekean instead

who is sweekean?

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