Wednesday, July 22, 2009


lunch today
couldn't believe my eyes - CHILI FLOWER CRAB
the housekeeping auntie said
"i work here for 5yrs first time eat crab!"
and ppl in the canteen were to happy about it
but but but but but

did u all know
it was left behind from cajun shrimp boil
2 days ago? no, i dun think so
and it was blanched before it was frozen
i wouldn't even touch it if i wasn't hungry

fuck me senseless

there is chocolate cake again
is it my birthday?

i drew this for the following day
meilan liked it so much

caught jonapong sleeping in the lounge

practicing my photography

dinner was japanese curry rice
me and meilan paid for it
but i got to eat more


could tell that
a lot of ppl are starting to feel sad
that we are about to leave lagoona
qing made us ice jelly supreme
but angeline came and scold us
so i din get it eat it

jonapong and nazipong's favourite canteen food
fried bee hoon

take me home
country road

sudden change in shift
i'm working tomolo morning
cos nazipong is sick

wat is this?
cuttlefish kangkong with chicken satay?

casey's customised grilled chicken burger
looks really good

i was handed this dish at the pass
it looked different
how come the prawns are so red?
and i realised they are left-overs from cajun shrimp boil
how evil is this company?

fuck me senseless

why are there so many left-behinds
did they stock up too many prawns?
this is wat happen when
event organisers do not understand their participants
golfers come back at 4-5pm
so they are starving
they grab a bite at lakes
they can't eat that much at 6.30pm
they are also tired
so they probably juz eat a bit and run off
so WHY 6.30pm?
there are a lot of things that the company do
that i dun understand

i've worked with event companies for 3 years
maybe they were right
maybe i'm the stupid one
dunno dun care dun wan to know

so we played with the prawn a bit

guess who - AGAIN

fuck me senseless
such beautiful plating
love the texture

went to toilet
and saw this dragonfly stuck on the ceiling dead
in a very awkward position
how did it end up like that?

as mentioned earlier
we decided to give EATZI another chance
since it is under the same umbrella of Jack's Place
also EATZI is a steakhouse
so we will not just bring it down
without trying its steak
and its so near our work place
here we are
EATZI - Simei Eastpoint

very beautifully done menu, yes

taking our orders

stupid ah pong
can't stop playing with my laser pointer

Lobster Bisque
Set Meal $8.80
very tasty crustacean stock
perfect thickness
very clean soup bowl

N.Z. Ribeye Steak
Steak requested MR, arrived MR
however was kept in the freezer/chiller for too long
and was not grilled decently
probably cooked over a hot plate
fats was not charred properly
mushroom sauce was decent
very disappointing
greens was delicious though
potato was over cooked
too soft and defenseless

N.Z. Striploin Steak
Similiar to above
Requested MW, arrived MR
however portion size was very good
in addition, greens were rather disappointing
should have given us something like
asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots maybe?

still we enjoyed dinner
talking shit
and jon, if u are reading this
try not to talk about yiting and her fren to me
next time, thanks

Banana Split
Set Meal $8.80
good fresh banana, un-shriveled cherry
however i din like the taste of their strawberry ice-cream

Set $8.80
Complete failure


Food - 6/10
Portion Size - 8/10
Presentation - 8/10
Value for Money - 3/10
Return Factor - 4/10
Ambience - 8.5/10
Service - 8.5/10

Recommended for Family and Friends Gathering
and people who don't know their food
As for myself, i would bring my money to Buddy Hoagies

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