Saturday, July 18, 2009


sharing some photos today

sam, meilan, rose and lychee

ah hui, sam, chef alvin, ah qing, liangyong, burger

selvam balakrishnan doubledeckerbus and his bangla friend

cafe and grill
E!hub Downtown East
11am - 10pm

wasn't very impressed by the simple menu
however the prices were very attractive
3 service staff on the floor looked pretty busy
the one who served us recommended set meals
with an additional $4.50 we get a soup, coffee and a dessert
why not?

however i was quite disturbed by the fact that
a steak cost the same as pork ribs
psychologically one would ask himself/herself
"will i be getting a kopitiam-steak or very-good-pork?"
so there must be a problem in the menu design
(note: kopitiam-steak means probably utility/cutter grade beef)

Minestrone Soup w Garlic Bread
set $4.50
a lil too watery
however the taste was pretty good
onions were sliced pretty evenly for the mouth

Cream of Mushroom Soup
set $4.50

Mushroom Steak
180 grams of sirloin with sauteed mushrooms
requested medium rare, it came medium rare
with lovely grill-marks on it
the beef was tasteful and juicy - no complain
mushrooms were just right
however was quite disappointed
potatoes did not come with sour cream or spring onions or bacon
greens were blanched
no taste of butter or watever so
and i definitely do not like the idea
of having a knife stuck underneath my meat

Honey BBQ Ribs
very tasty pork ribs
there is a nice tasty charred-fat flavor
and the bbq sauce was perfect
compared to the nightmarish experience i had at Cafe Cartel TM
lovely lovely ribs

i dun know wat that face mean
but i like the pork ribs

the wait staff went to refill his ice-water
and never came back
yes, even after we left

lovely lovely steak
pinkish and very juicy
not exactly a 2inch fat steak
but very enjoyable
the restaurant attracts young adults

set $4.50
choice of coffee, tea or ice tea
this coffee comes from the sachet kind
rich dark Robusta
similar but inferior to the one from The Ship

Ice Cream Dessert
set $4.50
choice of rum & raisin, choc, vanilla
(i forgot if the staff mentioned strawberry)

Food - 9/10
Presentation - 7.5/10
Portion Size - 8.5/10
Value for Money - 10/10
Service - 6.5/10
Ambience - 8.5/10
Return Factor - 10/10
Recommended for - friends and family gathering, casual dining


DotA training with tang guo

awfully boring game
nobody wants to kill me at all

awfully boring game
everybody wants to kill me all the time

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