Saturday, July 4, 2009

AJISEN and THAI EXPRESS2 [27 more days]

this stupid vending machines gives me wrong drinks

so sweet

they say that there's a monster
living in the dry store

dinner that day

jon the bar cleaner

angeline mentioned that
jonathan got a 呆呆 look on his face
that makes him very compatible with sweekean

nobody reads this shit
cos its in english
or rather - nobody understands

met up with bankean
to help me buy G2000 shirts and blazers
for his brother's wedding

consultation cost him
a meal at AJISEN TM

deep-fried tofu
din really like it cos
the bowl was too small
i couldn't actually dip the tofu properly

chicken wings
pretty good

i had this
it was delicious

anyway i'm not gonna review AJISEN
cos i'm totally clueless about wat happened
during dinner
i asked the waitress if i could keep a copy of the menu
and she replied
"i think you cannot take photographs here"
and took all my menus
then i asked her "you think? so can or cannot?"
and she walked away
i actually think she went to poison my food
service - FAIL
no review

so i'll proceed to review Starbucks TM
the shot was slightly burnt
probably din clear the group-head properly
but the milk was well steamed
For here TALL LATTE - 7.5/10

guess who i saw at starbucks?
ballet-teacher howie

was proceeding to buy my canon stuff
when i saw wat they did to outram mrt
shit man
during my TAS days
i always sit there

o'well good o' days

i miss everything from those days

after buying my canon stuff
went to eat with phuong anh
at vivo city
at vivo food republic

the rice is nice
the chicken is tasty
the vegetables are nice
the chicken rice chili is delicious
good job - 9/10

service is probably good
cos they could understand phuong anh's order
when she cannot speak english

went for a coffee at TOAST BOX - bugis

after that went to waterloo street kwanyin temple
to pray pray
while phuong anh went to meet her ngi-ngi-ngyong-ngyong frens

then met up with animal farm for dinner
and gathering for yang's return
look how stoned ruixiang was

while wen couldn't decide wat he wants
note: the background still has daylight

while waiting for yang to arrive
we listen to yukiu-sir's rants about
being a fatty-fat-fat

i dunno why
i fell in love with thai express AGAIN

and the VIP arrives

look at the background
it was already night time

black pepper soft shell crab - $10.90

seafood kway teow - $9.90
changed seafood to chicken

tom yum hor fun - $10.90
i din quite enjoy the horfun
probably it was microwaved
but i totally enjoyed the gravy

claypot braised mushroom - $10.90

chicken egg glass noodles - $9.90

the claypot braised mushroom was too spicy
for mr. vegetarian
he had a jug of icewater to go with it

bumped into the twins
terry and ivan
who also dined there

how can i miss this?
chendol (cold) - $5.90

animal farm
yukiu-sir, yang, wen, ming, ruixiang

also bumped into meilan, matt leo and bankean
at tampines one
i hate to use flash on my face
it makes me look like prasetya purnawan

total damage - $75.68

after that we went to have ice-cream
HIROTA chou ice - $1.40

this is how my camera looks like now
additional damage - $400/-

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