Friday, July 31, 2009

parting message

i am a person who likes to
open things and close them
things will haunt me
if it doesn't close properly
that is why
during my last day of work
i'm always doing closing shift
to send my mind a message
that everything ended

likewise for lagoona
today i will be doing my last 8 hour shift
at Lakes Cafe, Laguna National Golf and Country Club
its been a 20 weeks too long
the system is beyond help
as much as i hate to see ships sink
i refuse to speak anymore

may lagoona find out the root of their problem

Thursday, July 30, 2009


today mr. chng ah seng
came to lakes
i juz went to the table and eh?
its mr. chng 81112
i was overjoyed
cos tomolo is my last day
and we had a chat

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

stupid dream

i juz woke up
dreamt that Lakes
uses automated line production food
cooked and prepared by machines
hahha.. so cool


subway club for me!

jonapong is having cold cut trio
(wat i always had when i was in TAS)

edwin is having err.. i forgot

subway monsters

met yanti-cui to teach her how to edit videos

while jonapong was rather sian

remembering the good ol' days

i swear my house has the view
of the most beautiful sunset in singapore

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Farewell Chef Alvin [with only 4 days remaining]

saw a frog on my way to work
i find them rather intriguing

drew this on our board

then i realise there was an error

the last of the cajun shrimp

our american breakfast set
looks absolutely delicious, no?

and a big pleasant surprise for me
to find pasta in the staff canteen

our poor trolley

xueliang preparing chicken rice chili for me

fuck me senseless
its expired

thanks to naz
i get to do morning shift on thurs
so i can go home study for my opera fucken test

dinner that day

i went to the lounge to nap
but burger (left) was snoring too loud
for me to close my eyes

this apong hwa is getting on my nerves
he keeps asking me to take picture of him
when i kaopeh him
he says "camera not for taking photo then for wat?"
i reply "my camera for taking pretty girls, you're not one of them"
then he say "kaopeh la"
then i used my kaopeh-ing culling blade on him

saw another one of them lovelies during evening

gonna miss this poster a lot
(click to enlarge)

dinner that day

why is there fries at the dessert counter?

cos apong meilan auntie
key some nonsense

saw a lizard
when i was doing routine cleaning

something strange in the neighbourhood
who do you call?


lunch that day
fried rice
awfully pleasant changes
perhaps made by the new F&B manager, Dave
in that case
no one will miss sallyman anymore

i was drawing the board for
Beef Meat Ball Kway Teow Soup
with sok fei watching me from behind
when this ang mo customer came by
and said to his wife
"he loves his job"
hahha.. i only love to draw

Beef Meat Ball Kway Teow Soup

caught this really nice photo
at the perfect moment

was checking out HOLA coffeeshop
beside SIMEI MRT
there's this authentic italian food outlet
having their national day pasta promotion
all pastas at $4.40

jonapong ordered - Aglio Olio

and mine was realli good
5 prawns inside - $4.40

no Tabasco sauce
and their parmesan cheese is the synthetic type
but $4.40
what the hell?


sweekean's expression - PRICELESS!

no beer for me
just ice coffee
thank you

crazy shit expression

even more crazy shit expressions

they chipped in to buy
some spring chicken and fries to share

nigga wort?

cut off his limbs and u get lamb shank

loon and chef alvin
they look kinda like father and son, no?

i stole a puppy
so damn friggin' cute

the party people -
jon, hwa, xueliang, loon, liangyong, meilan, sweekean, alvin, burger, sam, peiying

dota screenies

ok, i'm craving for subway
got to run
have a good day people!