Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Smiley face to start the day

lunch that day

same lunch that day...

break time with xueliang
cool guy from tsing tao

do you see the V-shape mark
above my eye-brows
if you know face-reading
ppl with these V-marks
are not ppl you wanna mess with

if u dun wanna end up like sallyman

Michelle came back =D

This woman grinds my gears
she orders a lot from Pebble Beach
then she lets me wait while she serves her kids
then she makes me run up and down
then she says the hokkien noodles sucks
and she doesn't want to pay for it
then she say she wan to use her $50 F&B voucher
then she wans me to hear her complaints

hello madame, its $1.99 Tuesday
i dun have so much time to chit chat and wait with you
and the shittiest thing is only Me, Chester and Fiona
are running the shift

This week in HELL'S KITCHEN

got tasked to go mulligan
to collect ice at night again
tamade.. that place got ghost

i left 3 little notes
at places in Lagoona
to remember sallyman
will pray for you to
- not become a beast in your afterlife
- not become a hungry ghost in your afterlife
- not go to hell in your afterlife

remember Actuallyi part 13?
I left a number for ppl to buy
actually i've been following this number
for a very very long time


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