Thursday, June 4, 2009

THURSDAY - Gerkins, yes?

i was reading an old magazine
when i saw this
i was telling myself
"hey thats the kinda girl i need"

Lunch today..

I went to collect ice
and it was RAINING
inside the ice making machine
dramatically freaky

Jon crashed the 9-cooler box trolley
i thought "wa piang eh this dude how hopeless?"
so i took over

.. and i crashed
fuck me senseless!

then i went on to do some
tight rope walking stunt

back in the kitchen
i saw something i like to eat..
hur hur..

dinner today
curry chicken and tahu goreng

seafood in chili crab gravy

signature dish of
assistant sous chef - ah loon

i was reading today's Japanese newspaper
u see thats where the difference lies
while we're playing Sudoku
they are playing Wei Qi
no wonder we are so backward

and their comics are so much better..

i love gerkins in my favourite cheese burgers
(i secretly likes double cheeseburgers, yes?)
i remember i was grocery shopping
at siglap cold storage with my bestest friend
when she told me
her sister buys these to eat

anyways i'm using my new NIKE audiophones
my old one is declared dead


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