Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Life as a Slave in Lagoonie

lunch that day..

dinner that day..
yes if there were any left-overs from banquets and event buffets
we get a treat of unwanted scraps

hell breaks lose
as usual on mondays
when the kiddies come for their swimming classes on monday

xueliang made 炸牛奶
he says its a korean dish
it taste like goreng pisang
that melts in your mouth
chester hates it

finally its 6.30pm
we stop PB from ordering

bloody cockles

i swear he is the most vain guy in lagoona

fuck me senseless
not again
who's pubes
u better stop it
if not ur penus will fall off on its own

lunch today..

isn't this beautiful..

dinner today..

dunno which stupid fucka
went to switch this on
its so blinding
i almost walk into the pillars

stop peeing in the lift
this dude must have drank a gallon
to be able to pee this much
it flooded the entire lift
stop it stop it stop it
if not your penus will fall off!

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