Monday, June 1, 2009

MONDAY - Goodbye Sallyman.. R.I.P.

lunch today
its porridge day
i think every monday is CONGEE DAY
i think..

delivery to PB again
again again and again
it grinds my gears
grind grind grind grind grind
grind me.. grind me..

mave came and take pictures for chef alvin
he's gonna be on lagoonie magazine
very happy for chef, cos he's a really nice guy
they should feature me too
cos i'm too handsome too be working there
and i make porn videos, can?

and esther interviewed chef alvin
she's like a flower in our war zone work environment
amongst all the beast-like staff and members

Mr. Sallyman, our F&B manager
passed away this morning from heart attack
May you rest in peace..

Lunch today..

Final work of Sallyman and Marnila
They should sell ketupat instead for June promotion
and the story goes that
Lagoonies people throw these malay rice dumplings
into the lagoon so that the fishes dun eat his body

屈原doesn't have copyrights right?

ok.. enough said
i hope that next life, he remembers
not to exploit interns and close down pebble beaches

xueliang: "touch my body.."
as he gives his dear friend a handful boob squeeze

govin: "get lost!"

my $3 pen broke
i tried to fix it with bernard's UHU
but i know there are many things in life
that can't be fixed

xueliang cooked this for his cooks
some tofu, seafood, bacon
taste like superior braised pork
pretty cool

that reminds me..
frashure308 asked me to recommend him dinner
i said superior braised pork
he said he din realli like it
so idunnohisname306 ordered superior braised pork
and when i served the dish
frashure308 said "hey, it din look like this the last time i ordered it
and it din taste this good!"

and he started stealing idunnohisname306's super b.pork

any stephen chow fans here?
do you know that in every single one of his movies
he features a china bowl that has this rooster?
now who's the fan?

mat steward caught a prawn in the lagoon..

.. and it turned into..

Superior Prawn and Scallops Marinara
absolutely delicious-looking
by the way i dun understand
why somebody call it Mariana (Mah-Riyana)
or Mah-Rihanna.. watever
just like i dun understand how ppl say
- Mo-cha (Cafe Mocha)
- Tee-teh-tic (Titanic)
- Cheese Powder (Parmesan Cheese)
yea, u get the idea!

have a good day! =D

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