Monday, June 22, 2009

Life is, but a dream... [39 more days]

i love moments when
i put my Canon EOS 500d on my penus
transferring the photos into my laptop

ashes to ashes..
dust to dust..

ah hwa made fried rice
for me and meilan

someone had a function at Vineyard
looks quite fun
and a lot of babes

5pm dinner that day
there was no more chicken
so i had chicken rice with no chicken
sad case

everything is a dream
life is, but a dream..

.. a sad sad dream

my challenge
to deliver 54 cooler boxes
back to Lakes alone
without crashing it
in 30 minutes

morale of the story:
i like to crash cooler trolleys
but i wun if i'm rushing home

some kids were having soccer lesson
at the field below my house
sometimes i wish i were still a kid
growing up is such a painful process
so often misunderstood
so many regrets
so many things on your mind

saw this on the newspaper
wait.. i have a picture of the real thing
*clap clap clap*

ahh.. here it is
very funny photos
from a year back
best days of my life

ladies and gentlemen

how sweet is that?
love is in the air

chef xueliang in action
look, he can cook without looking at the wok!

me and jon decides to give the chicken
some anal fingering
fuck me senseless

this girl is a girlfriend of a member's son
she is very pretty, has a power body and complexion
u know wat she's drinking?
an entire jug of freshly squeezed fruit juice
all to herself

angeline was having a very very bad day
so she ordered mcdonalds'
we tong pang-ed her
and i got myself a mcspicy
but only got to eat it at 5pm
so its all mushy, cold and almost rotten
but still good =)
background: aunty meilan

then spent a few minutes
talking to William's fishes..

some rubbish i drew for ah lun
mee goreng for crooked stick

$5 is quite a good deal, no?

supper/dinner at Good Year Seafood Village
the food was pretty good
but i dunno how to review it
since they ran out of RICE
(unbelievable, yes)
total bill was $40- for food

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