Wednesday, June 24, 2009

JX Making New Friends

good morning blog readers
JX bestie call-police just msn-ed me
that she's in class and she has no friends
i know it sucks to be in a new class
to start all over again

then she consulted me
how does she make new friends
and i posted her this link

MING dead inside jekyll69 says:
*making friends is as easy as ABC
*if u need help, barney is here to help -
*do sing along
*1 and 2 and 3 good friends~~

i know.. i know..
i'm a fucken donut

also in reality
there will be no friends go around singing
"u wanna look at that kookaburra thru my telescope?"
there're only perverts going around singing
"hey u wan to see my kookaburra and maybe u can put it in your telescope?"

and mr. jonathan chan apong
please stop sms-ing me gay jokes
early in the morning

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