Thursday, June 11, 2009


lunch today - Laksa
it was so tasty
when i ate this at 12pm
our GM was enjoying the Laksa with Clarice BONG
at the canteetn also

I wonder if there will be some chemical reaction
when i add honey sea coconut with fresh coconut
effervescence maybe?
nope.. din happen

noticed i took a lot
but it tasted like cranked-up shit at 4pm
why did i take so much T_T
lao sai-ed after that anyway

went for a few drinks with xueliang after work
at the simei coffee shop
had 12 bottles of Tiger
no joke, this tsing dao dude can drink me empty anytime

Kung Pao Chicken Dice

MaMi Pork Ribs

Jon Jackson's sneakers

Anyways i was tasked to wipe down the old sandwich board
and design a new board featuring our new
Daily Special Promotion

so what is this Daily Special Promotion?
NEW Senior Sous Chef Alvin tasked his top guys
to come out with creative dishes to
1. attract allocentric customers
2. cultivate confidence, pride and creativity in his staff
3. share skills and experience amongst staff
4. maximise ingredients available in the kitchen
5. minimises monotony in daily job

i feel i can relate to him in a special way
because WE are the same kind of manager/leader
we do not see a job, as JUST a job
we emphasizes on the educational, mental and emotional growth
of the staff working under us
it reminds me of my days leading my Starbucks team
everyone leaves the company with knowledge and new skills
not just with the salary

an example,
my boss, william task me to do the sandwich board
it is a simple and brainless task
but hey, i feel proud of the Daily Special
when i'm on the floor
i would recommend guests the Daily Special

but that alone, is not enough
there must be product knowledge and communication
with the kitchen to fully bring out the marketing of the dish
why did Asst. Sous Chef Loon came out with the
Assorted Seafood Dressing?
Whats the difference between the mussels that has
brown shells and those with green iridescence shells?
the reason why i roll well in the kitchen is because i know my food
we teach each other in the kitchen
with the common interest - Food!
Thanks to my experience in the F&B Industry and
of cos, Mr. Daniel Chia (aka The Arugula)

my tools
a box of Mungyo Chalk Pastels
(the identical box i have at home from winning some Art Competition)
and a box of Pentel Coloured Chalk

Simple and Eye-catching
no fanciful drawings to suit the prestige of the Club

one order of
Alle Vongole in Bianco in Spaghetti
and the chef is supposed to

$256 weekday / $320 weekend
i like your ambition
but mock your lacking in knowledge of
our guests' taste in Lagoona

one very very big problem of Lagoona
The Management and other significant departments
DO NOT CONSULT/EDUCATE the floor staff
for the last 2 months that i'll be around
i've already laid my network
reached out my availability to them
but no, i dun think they know how to use it
thats why we fail so damn badly
wan things to improve?
1. improve quality of employment
2. look OUT of the box
3. start to know wats actually going on

i was actually thinking of coming back
to work in Lagoona to correct all the problems
and save our F&B sector
Ramsy "Un-fuckin-believable! Can you afford to lose twenty grand a week?"
but then again there are too many things to make right
and the people here are too stubborn
if Mr. PK is contented with wat he has now
i dun think i need to give a donkay
better go back to Events Management where my money's at

Aye Bobaye, the management methodology here is outdated
it belongs to 20 years ago
where people are low-intellect and hardworking
wake up!
having a william and alvin is not enough
they dun run the club for you, yes?
where is your 诸葛亮?

Must be a huge joke for Mr. Idenburg

Now i'm so into taking night shots
clouds, trees and the peaceful night time
(and ghosts)
if you were to see me in my lil air-tight tool box
i'm not going for my Weekly Tamiya Car Racing
i left dream that 15 years ago

Lunch that day - Porridge

More memorials for the brown man


Lunch that day

i thought this looks extremely familiar
they call it the Wafie-Steak
its a shame

i suggest that we should change the Lakes uniform
to this - Berms and Slippers

with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles feet

now they are advestising on the bus
enough already, yes?
at least they are smarter than my company
to make these stuff bilingual
know your target market, BOBAYE!

this picture was taken from afar
its a huge moth
do you believe that these huge moths
are your dead relatives?
or maybe Rukia?
i do, cos 7 days after my grandfather passed away
there was a moth who rested on my window
i counted the window grills surrounding it
and came out with a winning 4D number

i love it when the canteen cooks pasta
but why is it always spaghetti?

dinner - the same shite
but i start to eat meat after dinner time

edwin's birthday celebration at Swenson TM
have i told the story that i had this dish
and found a cockroach inside
i asked for the indian manager
who told me
"these insects lives inside a crayfish, its natural"

and i fucked his ass up
and got the meal free

but i've boycotted Swenson since

damage $41.70
photos of food and celebration below
taken with 500D

who stole johari jackson's precious sampan hat

lunch yesterday - Nasi Lemak


my camera makes him handsome

Sweet as Berries

Salmon mushroom Pasta

Grilled Fish Sambal

Rodeo Wings

Then we went to Starbucks
to make Edwin do his birthday mission

don't ask me wat drink i had
its always Tall Latte
for the past 10 years - Tall Latte
for the next 20 years - Tall Latte

this is Edwin's challenge

Edwin's catch.. no not really
he din have the balls
Mark caught it for him

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