Friday, June 5, 2009


i have a mission today
$500/- to buy a good digital camera

so i went to TM Courts

and i bought this baby..

Canon PowerShot SX110 IS
9.0 Mega Pixels
10X Optical Zoom
Optical Image Stabilizer
3.0" LCD
Face Detection Technology
Motion Detection Technology
Red-eye Correcton
ISO 1,600
Easy Mode
1cm/0.4in Macro
30fps VGA Video
2 AA Battery

now, lets bring it for a TEST RUN
shall we?

Easy Mode
the colour is really beautiful
very good digital enhancement
and emphasized on the greens and blues

Macro Mode
i'm quite impressed
zoomed in
and saw most of the details i would demand
from a 9 mega pixel camera

Portrait Mode
this mode is supposed to smoothen out skin tones
but still captures my mole and pimple
quite impressed

Landscape Mode at 10X Optical Zoom
friggin' sweet
the optical zoom is amazing

Landscape Mode Orginal
this is the similar location
where i shot the 10X zoom above

Indoor Mode
i dunno wat this mode is really for
since it has modes of a dSLR
such as aperture, shutter and exposure manual adjustments
how steam, yes?

Night Snapshot Mode
i minimize light entry on this shot
and i think it could do better
however to note
i think it would appear nice
under street lamps
taking pictures without flash

Auto Mode
plus flash
this was also taken in the dark
to check for dark edges
also known as vinaigrette (dunno how to spell)

Program Mode
i tested the pre-programmed abilities
and were pretty satisfied
sweet camera
an awesome buy for $499/-

thats why i love Canon! =D

Dinner today is at

the restaurant was packed when we arrived
its a really old place
perhaps your parents have dined here when they were dating
so i snapped a few shots to check for orbs
nope, no supernatural around

our honorable guests today are
KING MING, Monster James, Malaysian Edwin and Vietnamese Phuong Anh

if i were to order steak
i make it a point to order their red house wine
as aperitif and to compliment the steak

soup of the day - cream of mushroom
very clean and tasteful (8/10)
part of the set dinner that comes with coffee and dessert

Half Dozen Escargots
$12.90 (7/10)
i have tasted better at a lower price at a restaurant 100m away from THE SHIP

Bread Loaf with butter
FOC (9/10)

Half Dozen Scallop
$15.90 - (6/10)
Tiny and lack sweetness


guests of the night
Monster James
Malaysian Edwin
Vietnamese Phuong Anh

this makes me very happy
look at edwin
happily snapping away at the background

Ship Steak Medium Rare
$34.90 (9/10)
The only thing I did not enjoy was the onions which tasted like it was mildly blanched instead of a quick sauteed. The steak was well marinated, fantastically portioned to weight, very very juicy, and more importantly the flambre woke up my appetite drenched by the poor service.

Fruits Platter SET
Brilliant combination of colourful fruits resting beautifully on a clean plate. Platter consist of Papaya, Watermelon, Grapes and Dragonfruit.

Jelly SET
My friends enjoyed it thoroughly, but it was a lil too sticky for my liking.

Coffee SET
Robusta; Lacking in aroma, however full-bodies and tasty enough.

dinner end

Food Quality 8.5/10
Beverage Quality 8/10
Value for Money 6/10
Ambience 9/10
Service 5.5/10
Cleaniness 9/10


read my review at

beautiful nightsky

we went for some pool
to help digest the steaks

post pool beverages

btw some fucktard hacked into my facebook account
and changed my password
cos i dun sleep before 1.30am
you chose the wrong timing!

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