Saturday, June 20, 2009

faded over time..

breakfast that day..

little things in life
faded over time
and not always remembered by all

delivering cooler boxes for events

and this jackass
always have to instigate me
to do jackass stunts

beverage bowling

some cheapo neh neh woman
couldn't finish her food at lakes
and requested we ta bao for her to finish
at pebble beach
wat the deuce?

5pm dinner that day..
the soup was sour and vegetables have a weird taste
wat life?
still have to eat..

i am reserved

lunch that day

thank god selvam will be back next tuesday
to do pebble beach deliveries
but look at the 1-9pm shifts i'm having
fucking hell

rotten dinner again
at 5pm again
anyway i was delivering for pebble beach
and there's this very cute/pretty girl 81112-04
shall not post her name here
i think if we're always delivering for pretty girls
we won't mind at all
why is it old angsty aunties most of the time?

i was attending to this table of rich boys
and they said
"no la, its nothing la..
she wan my money
i wan her body
thats all"

yes its a sick sick world
thats why my face is like that --> =_="

hence edwin passed me this PROTEIN PACK
so they can have my money and my body
take me away, sick sick world!
(*pause* clap-clap *pause* clap)

cat paw prints
very cute..
they visit at night

some photos i took with EOS 500d
some days ago
eating at changi village
with uncle teng and ah long
or have i posted it already?

tsuki and hoshi
free to be with other blood parrots
hope they are happier

come visit my fishies
at Loyang TPK Temple

Lunch with James opposite our house
Half Spring Chicken Rice

Bubble Tea at the Yum Tree

then i saw mr. peh

then we went to salon
to absorb some air-

after that prata
to talk cock with these playboy-villians

i love to stare at clouds
they make me feel lost

din had dinner
james and edwin had steak opposite our house
supposed to be Friday Steak Day
din have mine
cos gotta pay for my silica gel
so yea.. next friday we'll be going to Hogies for steak


pool at e-hub

stopped by red house for a smoke
i remember a brave girl who dared to go in
without hestitation

supper at mac
with james and kane


i know some idiot likes this

i used to study here
used to club here
Clubbing at McDonalds' =)

edwin went home early after pool at ehub
so me, james and kane
went to t-mart mac to plump up ourselves
with burgers and fries
fatty fat fat

anyways congrats to james
for being selected for sispec
gongxi gongxi
welcome home yang
supposed to meet him yesterday
but he MIA

little things in life
faded over time
and not always remembered by all

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