Wednesday, June 24, 2009

有影寒 (36 more days)

me and naz saw this suspicious looking article
abandoned by the road side
we almost called the police

lunch that day..

ah qing made this fried sweet potato thingy

xueliang got very nice handwriting
but i couldn't resist some vandalism
so i drew sam

i was rather annoyed by the kids
playing basketball downstairs
when i look downstairs
i wasn't surprised to see
terence the pig kid
gimme some peace, will u?

wat the fuck is CHIX D?

i dunno wat lagoona's fake fire department is doing
the alarm has been beeping whole day
and nothing is done

up or down
there was never a direction

dinner today..

tongue stud boys
no la, its fake
we put a chivas-ball on our tongue thats all
we're such posers

we played 4D with fettuccine
but the number din strike today
haha.. but it was fun

we decided to be creative chefs today
hwa and loon made 奶茶鸡 and 可乐鸡
and i made 沙锅车
so who won, ramsay?

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