Tuesday, May 26, 2009


whenever i got the time
i'll treat myself to carrot juice
on my trip to work
it kinda make work a lil easier

stole my sister's old EZlink card
cos mine was expired
almost forgotten to censor her age
phew.. that could cost me my life

when i reach early
and feel like a meal
i usually just eat a bit of rice and vegetables

yes.. more FIRES on the way

i'm the money man
i deliver floats to range cafe
so if u need $150/-
come rob me if u see me walking around
with a plastic bag looking like this

snapple has a new outlook
me and jon made a joke about how the emphasis
was now on its ALL NATURAL wordings
with suggestions of fine printings such as
ALL NATURAL we meant the glass bottle
ALL NATURAL is just our brand name

found a nice green rubber band
that i made into a happy pea

look how messy naz is
watermelon and honeydew bits
below the sink as he flew away into freedom at 3pm

lunch that day

apong-jon whipped creamed my pass
and i made him lick it up
wearing a leather suit

edwin shared with me his japanese noodles
that his chef made him

went to meet adrian, huishan and angela at TM
to catch a movie
then i saw this fun fare

reminds me of the last time i went to Escape
then went Aston's for dinner
it was a blissful day
but nothing last forever
but i miss days like that

before these ah pongs get caught by the security
for smoking at the stairway
under the no-smoking sign

watching my video on adrian's iphone
bloody hell, his DHL corporate plan
allows him to purchase this phone for $50/-
with monthly subscription of $40/-

this was wat i was watching: -
Phantasmic Odyssey of Victuals - part 1/3


we watched Night at the Museum 2
it was amazing =)

and after the movie
the fun fare was gone..

gone.. too soon..

so we went to prata to chill and catch up
look at the contrast
i am so evil

me and mr. rabbit

they changed a prata chef AGAIN
but i must say
its really good this time

mr. baggy pants

jon tried to prank me
by keying in a Beef Hor Fun with Dry Apong
but got pranked instead
i went out telling jon
"hey, angelene (one of the bitch-fit girls) tell u next time dun anyhow
key this kinda things.."
in a very serious tone
and he went back to the kitchen trying to destroy the evidence
but could no longer find the order chit
i told him i put on Boss's table already
so he frantically went to look for it in the office
but to no avail

my finishing line was - "wan to eat lasagne?"
(lakes runner term for - hallal raw chicken head)


at the range
i miss playing golf..

lunch that day - nasi lemak kinda

me and naz went to serve pebble beach
for member 51444 and 51445

i saw some reception
and stupid brandon told me
clarice bong is getting married
its actually a farewell recept for LAO WANG

dinner - aglio olio in linguini
by ah hui


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