Saturday, May 30, 2009


guess who i bumped into today
on the bus - HOWIE

hello ladies and gentlemen
i am a BOXMAN

Jon-Jon stealing pieces of Poultry from the kitchen

MING drinking from the Draft Tap

Mat Naz stealing bags of Coffee Beans

No wonder our company is losing money

Today I'm the laundry woman
Went to housekeeping to let the aunties
wash these fucken God-forsaken smelly towels
that our guests/members used to wipe
- their sweat
- their face
- their armpits
- their oily mouths
- the table
- their baby's backside

by Li Xue

First, you prepare a shot of espresso
and pour it into a pretty cup

Next you put milk and ice
into the shaker and you 摇啊摇 (Shake it')
singing the China National Anthem
or alternatively --> 巨浪 巨浪 不断地增长

Finally you pour it into a nice cup of your choice
before you pour in the espresso
due to the difference in density
the espresso will stay between the foam and the milk
there you have a 3-layered Ice Lakes Latte
(umbrella is optional, you may choose to put other patriotic
objects on your Ice Lakes Latte, for example a red passport,
a merlion, a sickle or a stalk of marijuana)

next, me and Jon-Jon joined the WCG

Watermelon Cutting Game

Miam Miam

Lunch was so horrible
I din even wanna post up the picture
anyways post lunch dessert was
mini-ice-kacang in a coffee cup! =D

with these much excess fruit juices in my stomach
i can have beautiful flawless skin like like like..
errr.. who has beautiful skin?
ok i dunno. but u get the idea.

Our Assessment

Supper with James, Duncan, Uncle Teng, Edwin and Kane
More importantly, to try the new chef at Mr. Prata
who just arrived today

Kane, showing his Crane-styled armpit hair

I ordered a Nasi Goreng Pataya

Fuck me Senseless!
NSP has never tasted this bad, i swear
Fuck me Senseless!
Fuck me Senseless!
Fuck me Senseless!



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