Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lagoon Lagoon Lagoon.. [captions completed]

yet another morning shift with bernard

watching the sun rise
i know everyday is a new day

fucked up
of all days i kena chosen to do morning
today was cleaning day
i had to bleach all the cups
and sweekean did a fucked up job yesterday
so i had to bleach the blender also
and arranged all the chairs and tables

bernard tried to impress me
with his magic card trick
but was outwitted by me
and a very dumb lee fong said
"wa-- i dun get it at all"

i love the patterns on these fishes
its beautiful

lunch that day

love to watch these little kids running away from me
cos i'm a MONSTER who eats children
no, not really
i kinda love kids
the teacher was teaching them some
traffic light song with her horrible tone-deaf voice
"red light stop.."

breakfast with my old man, again

do u know u can conjure spirits
with a banana tree?

wadarfark saloman!
you have to clear your own cups
dun leave them in the kitchen
there are no maids here!

caught a glimpse of our guest rooms
$400/- a night
pretty tight
i may stay for a night after my job some time

i din do this
but all of my secret hideouts
has some codes that tells me
it belongs to me

lunch that day - nasi lemak

went back to school for some lesson
decided to crash jerald's marketing lecture
can u see geni-wawa at the far end?

pranking jerald

met up with some folks to have lunch
bala and isa
din know they were neighbours

and of cos, my man - matt leo

wat is this?
a pocari sweat imitation?

bumped into ling ling

made aglio-olio with white button mushrooms and sausages
in penne - tasty!
anyways i was really sick
and tang guo gave me some herbal tea and cookies
thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

lunch that day

schedule for the week

govin the gangster
unglam but he cooks good

drink drank drunk
again.. everyday..

phantasy star supper with james

carl's at tamp 1

i gave up
and finally ate medicine
not as strong as i thought i was

hoi-- botak!

of cos

lunch that day
with the funny stewarding

lunch that day

looks like a pad on my head

this is stupid
they claim that someone has been stealing our stuff
so we have to keep all our
silverware, saucers etc in our office locked

the punishment for the grey's team
today is washing down hell's kitchen

no whay
fortunately this wasn't a very popular promotion
it din attract as many ppl as the tuesday shit

pine valley set up a counter
to sell rice dumplings

customers found a beetle in the
pork rib prawn noodle soup
and the entire batch was wasted

rice dumpling stall in operation
they have abalone dumpling

lunch that day

i had to tah-bao lunch for jon boy's gf
who's at the range cafe
but it was cool
i miss playing golf

大炮王 - chef hoe
5 kid's fish and chips - HOW LONG?

new sous chef in the house
so he have new instructions
to doing things in the kitchen

pebble beach cafe closed down
so we have to do delivery
quite a punishment
we like lose in hell's kitchen challenge

lunch that day was tasty

dinner that day

jonjon trying to look fierce

ramsy imitation

a beautiful moth

cheers to ramsy again

lunch that day
taste like poop

this black bird was dancing in front of me

we were scheduled to attend
some quarterly briefing

same poop food
i hate to eat this kinda shit nasi padang nonsense
its like from the SCDF recruit canteen

lunch delivery to the range, again
and watching girls play golf - relaxing

stove's on fire
you're burning the kitchen, hoe

new smoking place for me
for a change

this week in hell's kitchen

toast to hell's kitchen
now i'm drinking tiger
cos out of 3 bottles i buy
2 of them won me 50cts discount

i dunno..
i kinda like the bee hoon

GM briefing about our revenue
cost savings, swine flu, yada yada..
but wat the hell?
u employed a battalion of uneducated malaysian chinese
who doesn't understand english
and you're giving a talk on english
they are all staring into space
and trying not to fall asleep

there was lunch reception
wat the hell - bee hoon
its the same as the staff canteen

i wrote my fav poetry cos i was damn bored
Auguries of Innocence
by William Blake

dinner that day


new sous chef, alvin
putting the cooks to the test
but i do see standards improving

quality control

one of the shops opposite my place
got burnt down
u know? the one beside the bicycle shop
looks like an electric fire
fond memories burnt to dust

ooh.. kindergarten taking in kiddies
but i have no kids

back to school

went to one of the many smoking areas
to find - not a single cigarette butt
the smokers are now smoking at a more exposed area
TP has cut down on security
with the smoking population, i realise
there are ppl smoking openly at the bridge even

lecture was hell boring
so i left in like 10 min

after i finished my mocha
from biz park
and it was a rainy day
so - YAWN!

lunch that day
chicken rice from across the street
but fuck, i dropped it in my room
and the chicken rice chilli exploded
so i had a hard time cleaning
but for consolation, i had a good stout to drink

this ad caught my eye
cos it read PCC - its supposed to mean masturbate?
no, its some cancer clinic ad
wat the hell?
how morbid?

mothers, mother's-to-be, mother-ed
yearn-to-be-mother, illusion-of-being-mother
today is for you! enjoy!

bald for one
bald for all

thats wat bros are for

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