Sunday, May 31, 2009


i used to love watching this series
when i was very young
one day, the actor died
nobody can be a hero forever

anyhows in the morning
i woke up earlier to have brunch with Jon-jon
at Simei MRT
waited for him
knn, saw a fucken ugly pigeon
it must have eaten some genetically mutated food

Simei MRT is peaceful
unlike Tampines
so chaotic
so busy
everyone is rushing and killin' each other

then Late-King strolled along

I promised to help him take a photo
for his facebook display pic
so here it is..

but i realise he needs photoshop touch-up
so i whitened his teeth
cleared his pimples
trimmed his eyebrows
dun he look like a pretty boy now?
actually.. not really

fucken oily breakfast from LJS

we have so many customers
who doesn't know wat entree mean

then we saw this sipeh-hiao cat

and it wans us to do her
fuck u bitch!

ok i'm a SWAKOO
this is new to me
fresh fruits vending machine

and i really love this shite

carrot juice.. one more time..
two more months..
three more minutes till i spill my guts..

and i let jon play with my camera for a bit

i noticed we look like 2 geeks sitting beside the MRT station
talking about computer games and magic cards
and and.. wat do geeks talk about?


Professor X was here...

at work
we went to disturb the ppl sleeping inside the lounge
and mat steward got a new hair-do!
cool shite

then i was tasked to collect 6 ice packs
from the infamously haunted freezer room

nope.. no ghosts..
only loads of smelly poultry
mmmm.. a lot of nonsense
smelly but no signs of boo-boos

so i brought all 6 packs of 18kg ice
to rescue Lakes

okaay... this is not supposed to be here
but i put it in the wrong folder and uploaded it
anyways this is a kids ham and cheese sandwich

we had some tofu and maki =D
very nice

then i became the laundry auntie again
sipeh sian sipeh smelly
anyways the aunty told me to count the towels
while she go to do her other chores

5min later she came back and found me
comfortably stole her chair sitting there counting towels
she yelled - "wa! 你是我的偶像阿。没有人敢坐下来数towel

(translation: wa, u are my idol, no one dare to sit down to count towels
later my supervisor see u sitting there, scold me, how?)

i replied "then 我跟她讲auntie对我很好。看我不舒服拿椅子给我坐

(translation: then i tell your supervisor that u treat me very well
saw that i wasn't feeling well, gave me your chair to sit
and say wanna boil ginseng soup for me to drink)

she laughed and said "ah boy 你很厉害讲话hor"
(translation: ah boy, you are good at talking hor")

and went back to do her chores in a cheerful mood
and later thanked me for coming by to return the towels
FIRST TIME i heard a laundry aunty thank anyone!

anyways in case i haven mentioned
the housekeeping laundry aunties are the most negative, bitter,
sarcastic and naggy hags in Lagoona
they find trouble with you and nag and nag and nag
but i win this round
10 points to MING

nice fluffy towels

when i came back
we were tasked to go collect cooler boxes
so we played Downhill Cart-Racing

after packing everything on the trolley
that donut had to do donuts around the area
and it collapsed
then angelene was in a bitch fit
came and kaopeh us

wat life?

lunch today

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