Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday like every yesterday..

lunch that day..

table of MILF

i love mustard secretly

lunch that day - chicken rice

lucky bastard

sandwich evolution

dinner with jon and tang guo
at simei kopitiam
pork intestine soup
not very tasty

a very tasty but ugly
home-made oreo cheesecake by tang guo
by the way she bakes lovely brownies too

lunch that day

looks like my harvest from Farm Town

then wat is fake?

lunch that day - horrible!

reminds me of my prawning days..

sous chefs bonding session

dun get it?
look below!

click image to enlarge

the moon was round and orange
looks beautiful and tasty

it was mother's day
we sat at mr. bean and talked about mothers
i asked them - have u ever made your mother cry?
edwin said - no
jon said -when my siblings were quarelling
i said - many times, once when i pierced my tongue in 2001
again when one of my girlfriends whom she love as her own daughter left
i'm not a good son =)

lunch that day

when i reached home
there were guests - my mum's ex classmates

this is my BABY

supper that night
hokkien noodles with ban kean

lunch that day

lunch that day - bee hoon soup

edwin = glutton
thats his second helping

there was a stray in our club

i was tasked to collect ice from mulligan at night
there was an eerie feeling about this place

the time was 7.45pm

it was pitch darkness from my side
dun ask me wat i saw

dinner with my 18yr fren - mr. chew sze tat
aka atako
at tampines 1, sushi tei

green like peas
and peapoop

the menu is beautiful

when i saw this
i knew i had to eat this

Spicy Miso Ramen - $7.50
rating: 6/10

Salmon Zukushi - $18.00
rating: 8/10
salmon melts in your mouth
roe is nice and squishy
belly was a disappointment

poor lil salmons

shishamo - $5.00
rating: 6/10
how hard can deep-frying be? come on!

Beef Kaminabe - $14.00
rating: 10/10
this is really good
the vegetables are fresh
the beef is tasty

when the server served this dish
i thought she was swearing at me
i nearly punched her face
"kaninabeh too!"

Mini California Maki - $5.50
i still dun understand why
they did not have the normal cali-maki
and offered us this instead
i dun like it cos
when kali-maki is this small
all the ingredients are so compact
there is no rice to neutralise the taste

Salmon Head Shio - $8.00
rating: 8.5/10
i really like this dish
but i have tasted better
how hard is it to perfect this dish?
grill/broil it with salt
spray some sake
especially when there're not many customers around

Sharon Huang - $2.50
rating: 3/10
too fattening

no no, sorry this is not an item on the menu
we bumped into her when she was paying for bill
hahha.. she's my sec school classmate

During our younger days
he was always botak
now, i'm the botak
wat a twist

Total Damage - $78.86
total rating: 7/10
i wouldn't bring a date here

After that we had Starbucks
Tall Latte for me
Grande Chocolate for Atako

Look how cool he is..

then we bumped into elaine
and i din know that
they were family friends
such a small world

i served an order of Nacho with Cheese Dip
when F saw it, she claimed the item was actually supposed to be Supreme Nacho
1. Supreme Nacho doesn't have a cheese dip
2. So what if both items are same price, it doesn't mean the same thing!
how bad is her english standard?
so she went into the kitchen, quarreled with sous chef alvin
and demand the kitchen to compensate the customer a Supreme Nacho

lunch that day

another of my jackass stunts - priceless!

i bumped into jiamin AGAIN at simei mrt
i think she is stalking me
i bumped into her waiting for bus, here there everywhere
i'm not gonna blog my work schedule anymore

Johnny Walker Black Label
not as tasty as the green labels
but yum, hor nazirul?

Supper that day
Pork Rib King Rice with Ban Kean

wat the fuck man

Dehumanize me, call me - TRAINEE 37
i'm a warrior of the future

how come i'm stuck with 12-8 shifts?
why why why

MING's Anti-Gravity Art Work

1. infiltrate through the kitchen
bound and gag chef derick
and eat up all the food

2. capture all the kiddies
and throw them into the baby pool
against their will

3. use a fishing net and scoop up
all the wet and crying kiddies
note: handle with caution kids who poop in their pants

4. throw the kiddies into the deep pool
and watch them shout for help
laugh at kids in distress for 5min
watch them drown
observe a min of silence

5. breach bang and clear changing room
after peeping at changing ladies

found a feather
someday i'll fly
someday i'll soar

lunch that day

wrap my cock, u nigga chef!

finally an off-day
when i can have a peaceful breakfast with my old man

please enjoy


green-cut chilli

pork lard

yan sui cong - carrots, onions with chinese parsley


dark soya sauce


red-cut chilli

spring onions

spring onions on parmesan cheese
wanted to make KEEP ROLLING
but there wasn't enough space
but naz could guess wat i was doing
so we went into choir

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