Thursday, May 28, 2009

BIG BUFFET DAY - 28May2009

breakfast that day..

went to PB to deliver some orders
and noticed the guest's surname is Whitehead
wat a surname
hahha.. how about some blackheads?

lunch that day
while edwin is busy sleeping/playing psp
i dun remember

damaged - but beautiful

very funny, ah brend

compare the difference
and tell me which one is taken using my
K810i and Canon EOS 500d
both taken at same distance using Macro-mode

woke up earlier today
to go shoot pictures =)
see them here: -

lunch today - fucked up
i hate it when Sailorman cooks
(note: Sailorman is not Sallyman, they are 2 different person)
whenever he's in-charged of cooking
it feels like i'm back to my jalan bahar days
nasi padang everyday - fucked up

what the hell is ASST A?
sounded like some kinda
super mobile suit robot from hell

welcome to our buffet! =D
today we have 2 buffet at Lakes
quite a lot of prep work done for this..
stupid jonathan chan ah pong lao sai-ed
and is on MC today

buffet menu for the day..

and my late-lunch-dinner watever u wanna call it
nasi padang - sian
i'm turning into a crazy asimatyoyo eating all these crap

found edwin inside the locker room after lunch
and also this vandalised locker
can someone tell me wat the hell its talking about?

continuation to the prep for dinner buffet
ah brend has the honour to light up the buffet

while the 2 outlet managers (right)
are making sure everything is right

everything's ready?
not quite..

senior sous chef, alvin
does the finishing touches for the highlight dish
Rib-eye in Carbenet Sauce

.. and everything's ready and in place
awaiting our guests to arrive
from their golf game

however on the low side
me and naz finished work an hour late
cos of the dinner buffet
but i dun mind
cos my character is such that
if my boss is good
i die for him for free
if my boss is lousy
i will find way to do a lot of stupid pattern

thats juz me
and my life..

.. and some people just dun appreciate it

and yes..
i found out that the fire safety department
in our club has not been doing their job
they're dead! i wanna call police!

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