Saturday, May 23, 2009

19 May 2009 at Lagoooooona

char kueh teow for breakfast
not very nice

i hate oxymask
some bubble shit
its itchy and it grinds my gears

something new to me

classroom session
time flies, doesn't it

our good man - cassim

ever scribbling rubbish

this is wat lagoona means to me

maybe i can come prawning some day
not too bad, the environment

they have freshwater and saltwater prawns


oh my god oh mighty
they actually blended their coleslaw

i found one of my old notes
i used to like drawing this rabbit
nobody knows i am the rabbit
also i used to draw a bear
wearing a necktie

summer nap

milo ice-cream for breakfast

breakfast that day

is the company stupid?
putting up an english poster
when 99% of lagoona can't read english

watching pine valley chef prepare rice dumplings

sunday - govin's prata
damn nice
$3 for a kosong

lunch that day
and edwin - forever sleeping

dad gives son prostitute - bad father?
tell me about it
your God gives you girls to fuck
and they leave you
or even pretend not to know u after that
wats the difference from the above and a prostitute?
no difference!
Bad God?

always reminds me of smelly people
stock taking day

dinner - sam's fried kuey teow

din feel like eating
so i had soup and watched jacky wu

supper - hui's carbonara

just like me

i think it was mating season
there were armies of these insects at my block
swarms and swarms of them

lunch that day

the thought of eveng gives me this
no la, actually me and jon were just jackassing around
with the spilled thrash

stewards' prized possession

our very own novelty mascot
a mini ladybird that doesn't stop walking on the container
round and round and round

hello.. i'm your chef today

what? me?
yes.. yes..

lunch that day

i hate to see loose pubes on the urinal


lunch that day

looks like a show
i wanna watch

but u know which show could make me cry?
leap years

yes yes

this macik was so full of blings
i have to take a picture of her
even her PAPERBAG has blings
oh mighty!
she's in a hari raya mood that day

was rather early that day
so i tried the chicken rice at simei
that always have long queue
oh man.. it wasn't that fantastic
only perk is that it has archa
and aunties dig archa
i should've known

ah brend trying to look handsome and cool
thinking i was taking photos of him
no whay, not at all
i'm trying to take pictures of the publication chick

he's a really cute, nice and hardworking boy

lunch that day - makes me wanna puke

i dunno why i still check my schedule
its always the same
but i like the stability
it gives me rest

so where is the cowardly cuttlefish?

my CANON EOS 500D - finally

supper that day - san lao hor fun

catching up with kane
who just came back from malaysia

be careful of this guy - edwin goh
he randomly adds girls on facebook
so far one of my friend has fallen victim
me and james call this

bottles after bottles we down

lesson time
and my mind was somewhere else

shanti - cool teacher!

i'm gonna kill yuewen!

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