Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wisdom Speaks

my path of thoughts comes a long way
my observation and analysis is beyond what you can imagine
i think beyond this month, this decade, this life
and when it comes to religion
i have my standards

if a full package of 贪嗔痴 is displayed
i would not take it
it angers me i was endorsing it
i'm in pain cos of 贪嗔痴
i'm dying to rid myself off it

i do not wan to 下辈子吃不完
i wan to be wise
cos e fact is i am not
not enough
and the basics is rejecting 贪嗔痴

Far-sightedness is my forte
many have came to me and told me
they remembered what i said years ago
and should have heeded my advise
i'm not wise
i just analyse a bit further
i'm not always right
but i have the calculator
get it?

my last words for the issue:

"Follow the wise
Not the powerful"

_MING (1984-2009)

I say Om
You say Om
We say Om
They say Om

Time will tell..
Sooner or later..
We'll see
No I won't cos i'm dying soon..
You'll see =)
You'll see =)


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