Monday, April 13, 2009

who dun understand?

i dun understand
how my parents can bug me everyday
to go to work
how expensive school fees are
when all i've been thinking lately
is how to kill myself
in a fast painless way

every time i walk pass my lift
i feel like jumping
everytime i see a knife
i feel like stabbing myself
everytime i close my eyes
i feel like drinking poison
there is no easy way out
even to die

i'm this close
to taking my life
and i'm glad everyone think i wun do it
be sure to visit my wake
i live in tampines st43
block 494C

if only i had a gun
i hope everyone is happy
i cried at work today
i dunno why
i think i'm mentally unstable

causes stain
stay away

for my friends
who din get to see me
the last time
please remember me
as the happy, fun and nonsensical guy
you used to know a year ago
watch my videos
and try to understand me a bit more

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