Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday Laguna

how scary is it
to start a post
with jon-boy holding a knife?
anyway the whole laguna knows that
we have 3 new staff
2 mentally unsound dicks and a malay

lunch that day

any idea wat she was trying to order
i swear 90% of the people here
cannot spell spaghetti

i love to see the carbon copy of my sketching

me and szeyun got a shock
by this radish tail
on one glance
it really look like some ninja weapon
fuurin used to injure the foots of their enemies
or some unicorn horn, something

meet our new pets
no la, they're for the vongole pasta

helped western side pack their chicken wings
showed them how neat their kitchen could be
they usually just throw their things everywhere

Look! A genie!
grants you one wish
if you let him hold your head

alternatively, you can insert weed
warning: if you put in anything else, a sweekean will pop out

lunch that day

isn't jaffa the name of the bad dude
from Aladdin?
the one with a nasty parrot

schedule next week
from hell right?
i'll be working 9-days straight without a break
and i dun get paid extra for public holidays

which cheapskate company cannot afford
to print out their documents/forms
i'll tell you - my company!

this is so cool
i wanna buy one of this and
shred all the carrots in the world

our army imported couple dozen of
ballistic missles to attack bedok
so if you stay in bedok - watch out!

braised duck breast with cranberry sauce
on arugula greens

since when was that on our menu?
anyway wat happened is that our senior sous chef
is leaving the company in july
so a new chef is taking over
the top guys from our company
came to try his dishes
btw, all the kitchen staff never see arugula before
our senior sous chef dun even know the name

sweekean, who came into the kitchen to kaypo
said its her favourite vegetables
then i ask her - wat is it call?
she replied she doesn't know
so i enlightened her
"Arugula - Rocket Lettuce. Nutty and Bitter."
thank you, mr. chia!

meanwhile the other customers were neglected
orders took super long
and look at the black fish and chips
so NEVER come by, when we have VIP in the house

helped the stewarding ah neh
collect and soak the dishes
dared edwin to drink a cup of the water

lunch that day

yea-- FUCK SIAN!
under my umbrella.. ella.. ella..

tang guo came and find me after work
so i went to grab a bite at niwa

check out her new hair
anyways bumped into cherlie
and her new prey

then i grabbed another bite at BK

bumped into gina
check out her new hair

结果咧 结果咧 结果咧 结果咧?

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