Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Smoky Shabalaba Kebabs Day

my first time serving breakfast
7-3 shift

this duck got a cute face, no?

and is too damn sexy

chiller room breakfast with naz & jon

lunch that day

a pretty insect
but a sucky camera that i never gave up on

dinner - hokkien mee with carlsberg
i notice i've been drinking everyday
how come i dun get fat?
i wanna be fat rolly polly like daniel chia

winnie came over today
she just arrived from vietnam yesterday
so we went to have chicken rice
btw she dun live in tampines anymore

look at her locks
then we went to have bubble tea
then went to salon to bid farewell
vinny is looking for a room
anyone has a room for rent?

i love to watch them play
its so full of:
1. molesting
2. vulgarities
3. fats

its like watching fatty porn

this could be our farewell photo
goodbye winnie

match after match
win wishes duncan was here..

some moron landed on my foot
contesting for a rebound
wadarfark-- not again!

guess who came to see winnie?

yes, cai xiyao (semen misa misa)!

after that tang guo accompanied me
to pray at the waterloo street kwanyin temple
and i got a good divination
shall not share it here
then we went to watch the krishna temple ceremony
and we got their blessing
hence making us indians
(note: detonation buttons on our foreheads)
then we went to fortune center

Smokey's at Sim Lim basement
fuck man-- the chicken dun look like wat they put
on their sign boards!

and the food was horrible
but the nice aunty gave me a 60cts discount

look at my fucken calf muscles of steel
dun pray pray
i ong bak you!

now i know tang guo sucks with her eyes closed

i think i damn swakoo
first time i see this kinda turkish pot
i dunno how to use it

the pot has 2 parts
the top part is tea
the bottom part is hot water
you have to pour the tea to the first line
then add hot water to the second line
yea-- something like that
now i know

she looks like an aunty hor?

anyways we just talk shit and smoke

then the quran came

it has a secret compartment
for you to put money inside

on my bus back i bumped into jiawen
first thing she say to me is "you damn lame"
then she tries to convince me that
i discriminates against vampires
who's lame?

then at my bus stop
i bumped into old friend - yang zhen
he updated me that he went ROM already
and he's gonna hold his wedding dinner
tomolo at taiwan
congrats bro
finally married to the air-stewardess after 10years
of cheating and lying
men always returns to their wife =)
(btw animals, remember him? tampines ADC)

then i met duncan
for a smoke
and to pass him winnie's rice crackers
from vietnam
he was so happy
he called winnie to sing to her
in vietnamese - yes, vietnamese

now thats a scary photo
(by tang guo)

work resumes tomorrow
anyway JX if you're reading this


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