Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday... was alright..

sat at the senior citizen corner
and stare into the blank for 20min

had ban mian for lunch

beer and junk food
i think i was watching Detroit Metal City

Lunch that day..

Schedule for next week

Late Lunch again that day..

i tot NEA only cares about
giving ppl FINE FINE FINE
for littering and smoking

this is pretty interesting
(click to enlarge)

1. clever man + clever woman = romantic
2. clever man + stupid woman = pregnant
3. stupid man + clever woman = lush woman
4. stupid man + stupid woman = get married
5. clever manager + clever employee = profit
6. clever manager + stupid employee = quantity
7. stupid manager + stupid employee = overtime
8. stupid manager + clever employee = promotion

jon was feeling in a jackass mood
so he smashed an extra can of 100plus repeatedly on the ground
till the can was out-of-shape
and the fluid leaked out like mist
while he laughs to himself in a creepy manner

i think he is disturbed


went back to TP for classroom session
wasn't fun at all
and a lot of ppl din turn up
but mr. cassim is as nice as ever

took a picture of a smoker at the TP bridge
of cos its not me
i dun smoke

mini cafe has these new pinball machines
this one has car logos
but the concept is the same as JAWS
james claimed that the pull-pull-thing is very sensitive
so its harder to control

then we went to Bukkake Restaurant
i mean Bachmann Japanese Restaurant
the one at Tampines One
the concept is something like Marche

spot the error?

the answer

Salmon Sashimi - $8.00
very fresh, very fatty, very tasty - STEAM!

Pork with Asparagus Roll - $1.80
Pork Belly - $1.80
Scallop - $1.80
the pork belly isn't tasty enough
i was expecting it to taste like pork lard
or tori-Q chicken skin
where the oil fills your mouth kinda tasty

Unagi Musubi - $6.80
did not find it very special
but knowing that unagi is a very troublesome dish
for the effort, yes 7.5

Strawberry Soda - $3.80
Macha Milk - $3.80
well.. it taste like wat its supposed to taste like
so i din find anything special about it
the queue was horribly long

Soft Shell Crab - $12.80
failure soft shell crab
i've eaten better everywhere else
except in TP mensaII
cos its too dry and tasteless

Moonlight Special Okos - $12.80
the wait was extremely long
and it din turn out as nice as expected
by the way, its like a big hashbrown with cabbage and seafood inside
however, it was bland
kinda like japanese version of rosti - less tasty
i could have given it a 6
but the wait was beyond bearable
the cooks were not attentive
and i saw them bullying the stewarding dude
who brought over the wooden plates - shame!

this is how the Okos look like inside..
i guess its a healthier choice of food

Hayashi OmuRice - $7.80
could be better

Hinako Warabi Mochi - $5.80
this is the real deal
mochi is actually ermm.. muah ji
u know glutinous rice cakes kinda
this one is chewy and it melts in your mouth
the hinako warabi is fragrant
definitely worth the waiting time - Fucken Steam!

Grilled Squid - $5.80
could be better
could be tastier

Mango Tart - $6.80
why? cos its so fresh
its so tasty
it beyond words
i can eat this everyday

Total Damage = $85.15

after that me and james
went to walk around aimlessly
i swear i look like an NS man
with my specs and botak head
but i do feel a lot better
after spending so much on food
and eating till Full Tank
thanks james
u da best

then we went to the Sony Gallery
and i fell in love with this little gadget - SONY ROLLY
its so small and cute
and it dances to the music you play
but the playtime is only 5hrs
yea-- you know
good things never last
i may save up for this piece of imp

Next is the MY.VU
the personal media viewer
what you do is just wear it like a specs
and plug in to your ipod
and you have movies on the go
but i think its pretty idiotic/lameass
to be laughing/crying and
getting excited when you're
on the public transportations

night = basketball

btw i'm a sucker
for girls who likes to go out
with their mum or grandma
and she holds their hands
so damn sweet
if she ties her hair half
and is a bit cute, silly and shy
i marry her on the spot

get well soon, ming

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