Friday, April 24, 2009

nonsense day

i juz came back from a very fulfilling supper
with bankean at prata
2 of us spent $25 eating till we are bloated
how imbal?

anyway we went to court after that
the stupid kids were saying
"阿龙 kum lan jiao 很舒服
很像在 massage
then 有 vibration 的"
wat the fuck?

today's work was weirdass
cos some ang mos came for some function
and they got really drunk
and continued drinking at our side
tried to create trouble too
and the funniest thing is
they thought i'm the "boss" around
cos i'm the only one who understands english
what life?

anyway i was quite happy
that edwin understood
when i told him
the significance of someone
coming to fetch you from work
it means a lot
especially when your work is SHIT

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