Thursday, April 16, 2009

Movies Anyone?

i got myself some movies to watch
as much as i hate to watch movies alone
i dun have much of a choice
so if anything interests you
do make an appointment with me
buy some booze/snacks and drop by

warning: spoiler alert

1. Eden Lake
Dumbass Plot of a very hot couple who went to Eden Lake for a getaway
and is murdered by a group of local gangster teenagers
correction, gruesome and nasty beast-like teenagers with funny accent

2. Slumdog Millionaire
Fantastic Indian Show of two brothers, one a gangster
another a winner of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Mass Dancing only at the end of the movie
to the music - Jai Ho

3. The Wrestler
A retired wrestler who likes to visit strip joints
about how his life is like after retirement
you know, wrestlers have very short life span?

4. The Others
Nicole Kidman and her kids realised that
there are ghosts living inside their huge mansion
and one night the ghost of her dead husband returned

5. The Unborn
Mystery about twins, ghosts and genocides
i think the girl is rather cute
but her acting failed

6. Skinwalkers
Failure kids show about vampires, kinda
do not watch
do not even think of watching

7. American Gangster
Awesome-tastic show about this nigga
who became the drug lord
thru buying/selling cocaine through genius ways

8. You Changed My Life
Pinoy show about guy and girl fall in love
Yada Yada.. Yeah Yeah..

9. The Forbidden Legend: Sex and Chopsticks
This is quite a funny show
cantonese with chinese subs only
Tells the story of Simon King from Jin Pin Mei
the forbidden story in China years ago
One word summary - Porn

10. Teeth
About a girl who's pussy has teeth
and throughout the show
she goes around "biting" off guy's penis
with her "lower" set of teeth

11. The Telling
A bunch of bimbos and hot chicks
Poor filming, acting, storyline
A lot of nudity and sex and lesbian shite

12. The Genius of Charles Darwin
Documentary for the intellectual

13. Notorious
Story of Notorious B.I.G.
never heard of him?
fat rappin' nigga

14. Detroit Metal City
Been looking forward to this human version
of the celebrated anime/manga
about nerd whom by mistake
became a death metal vocal
the girl is SUPER cute

15. The Uninvited
2 very cute (and trying very hard to be sexy) sisters
who tries to uncover the death of their mother
and escape from their evil milf step-mother
with the help of ghosts
Emily Browning, heard of her?
she's so cute she looks like a doll
i wanna dance to Jai Ho with her

16. Dragonball Evolution
An ang mo Son Goku tries to collect 7 dragon balls
to defeat the evil Lord Piccolo
classic story from my primary school days
cute Emmy Rossum as Bulma

17. Kicking The Dog
College Movie
about sex sex sex sex sex and sex
yeah.. sex

18. Into The Blue 2: The Reef
Hot chicks in bikinis throughout the show
looking for treasure

19. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Story of Weapon X
also known as wolverine
very cool very hairy very beast-like

20. Bride Wars
Bitchy movie about best friends
who wanna get married on the same day
and how they turn against each other

21. Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li
based on the never dying arcade game Street Fighter
again, an ang mo Chun Li
(you know? the superman chick? kristin kreuk?)
fight fight fight
pretty girls
fight fight fight

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