Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lonely Road (update 3)

tried a new brand of coffee..

new dishes for us

special sambal chilli too

nonya chup chai (mixed vegetables)

assam fish

babi pong teh
(can anyone tell me wat it means?)

assam pork ribs
(taste a bit like our chinese vinegar pork throttles)

lunch that day

i drew edwin

anyone knows its owner?

i always look at my shadow
it always looks so lonely

nigga naz bought a $2 pen
from an under-privileged girl
i din have a cent on me then - sorry

chwee kway!

this customer obviously thinks
he is playing musical chairs
changing table from 39 to 38 then to 40
(click image to enlarge)

the chefs/cooks takes good care of me

our after work routine - Mr. Bean
naz and his banana

been staring into space a lot lately

i figured jon is quite a cam whore

she sang
"if you get there before i do.."

wat i always had for breakfast
when i was serving Search Platoon
a sugar donut and a packet of half-hot coffee


lunch that day

how troublesome can some customers be?

DUCK BREAST - get it?

i realise this happens once in a few days..

can you see it now?

very cute pigs..

crash dummy cooler boxes
i'm a pain in the ass
naz almost murdered me

relaxing in the walk-in chiller

some alien we retrieved from Area 51
not.. its a roasted suckling pig

my miserable f*ck pay

update for Phantasy Star
look at my robot partner's giant spear

9-days chain work week

i always find romantic places
wherever i go

i wanna open a hamburger stall

lunch that day

bernard - dead beat
as always

our soya routine

lagoona bangla workers

lonely shadow

you, me and pras

lunch that day

a dead sparrow

hmmm.... #$%$#^%

hot stuff

lunch that day

do you know that sotongs that comes
1. without head
2. from indonesia
are rather disgusting?

there's a tale that tells
fishermen cutting off sotong (squid) heads
to give themself a "blowjob" at sea

yay! i thought
but no, they changed it shortly
no 2-days chain OFF for me

our chef/cook is great

definition of Chwee Kway
Steamed Rice Cake
served with
Salted Turnip Bits

lunch that day

gi di pollo

i'm a ninja

minestrone soup

playing cards with
bian, jerald, kane, ziyi
last night for kane
farewell friend

i wrote a note for one of the cooks
only to learn later that he can't read

lunch that day

one of the china chef
gave me a china cigarette
as a symbol of our friendship

more updates
look at my holy blue aura

and again..

met up with A.loke to play Phantasy Star
i dunno why the hell
his character is a gun-slinger babe
in bikini

bald = emptiness

breakfast with my old man

and chatting about our days in korea

free chocolate chip cookies

lunch that day
yes.. if u have already noticed
i eat very little at work
my dad say i'm growing weaker by the day

these are some worms we put
into our dishes so that its tastier
quite unethical - but oh well..

not.. its been hoon

matt came back from cambodia
bought me a standing buddha statue
but it broke
got my dad to bring it for repair
will take a picture if it comes back alive

after that met up with ken
who drove over
i hope he'll be fine
get well soon, my brother

singapore day my ass
commercial scam

this reminds me of some alien show
where they clone their aliens
lined up in such manner
(by the way, its shelled salad shrimps)

went to collect/requisite stock

now gimme a box of that!
i think a carton like that
can last me half a year, no?

read the note
on the top left hand corner
WTF right?
(click to enlarge)

Dall Ramen? Doreamon? Argumon?
poor handwriting
i figured out later
it was --> 1) all Ramen
the "D" was a "1)"

Lunch that day..

see the cooler box at the far end?
i wonder which spiderman managed to
tight-rope and place them there
or did they use a crane?
its not logically possible
unless its high urban stunt shock show shite

F1 Race @ Lagoona National Golf and Country Club
(click to enlarge)


xiaoker, left 4 dead

my Yoville Apartment

My Restaurant City
Cook - Me, Jancy, JX
Waitress - Liwei, PA

This, i may trade

But you can't have my peas - NO F*CKEN WAY


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