Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How about a big banana?

i remember having this one discussion
with my dad about God
after reading the bible

i thought Human were really 下贱
cos despite God telling them

"Hey niggas, you may eat all the fruits
in the garden. but dun touch the apples yo?
If yo do, i'ma pull a bullet thru yo,
you feel me?"

Adam and Eve had to go eat em apples.

i'm not God,
but despite trying to protect
my love ones from the apple seller
warning em about God's machine gun
one after another
they went to seek the pain

now i think it was never
Human, who are 下贱
its the women
who can't resist apples
why can't they just be satisfied/contented
with the peace, the bliss,
with the big banana?

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