Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Updates

i did this FB quiz on Who is your secret admirer?

Tony Leong just took the "Who is your secret admirer?" quiz
and the result is Your Best Friend.
The person who always has you back no matter what the situation!

yea.. it'll be great to have someone
who is willing to go through hardship with you
whom you slap each other everyday
who always believes in you
who cheers on you
and never abandon you
wouldn't it be nice?

Anyone playing MAFIA WARS?
I need Illegal Transaction Records, Untraceable Cell Phone and Computer Set-ups!
If you haven't been playing,
i'm currently at Level 119, Mogul with Mafia Size of 796
so if you add me as a Buttonman
i'll probably give you a 9-10 bonus to attacks or somethin'

played dota with my colleague
i ker suck at dota
suck suck suck suck suck


look at win
i dunno wat she did to herself
she looks like the chicken rice auntie
opposite my house

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