Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fighter of Gods

there's this indian cook
at my work place
over a casual conversation,
i asked him
"what do you pray to?"
he replied that his entire family
does not pray at all
so i thought it was weird
cos usually indians are more religious/pious
than most races
and i asked him why

he said when he was young
he would secretly go pray with his mother
and his dad would beat him up
and question him
"why did you pray?"
he answered
"to get good results."
the father asked again
"so after praying will you get good results?"
his father preaches to him
to depend on hardwork rather than the heavens

as he grows older
he follows his friends
when they needed to go temple
one day, an "saint" came to him
and told him
"you want to win lottery? donate $50,
i give you the winning numbers"

he was angered and shouted at the "saint"
"if you know the number,
you are a millionaire by now
you need to come earn my $50?"

then the "saint" also infuriated
by his insult to himself and his Gods
wanted to fight him

he responded
"you claimed to be a saint
and is close to the Gods,
yet you have so much anger.
if you want, i take you on anytime."

he further explains why he doesn't have a religion
is because he noticed that
people who help out in temples
are rarely or never doctors or lawyers
but in fact
the majority are uneducated and gangsters
he himself is a gangster
and claims he doesn't need any God
to win a fight
he concluded
"if you wan something in life
work hard and you will get it.
thats what my father taught me."

no offense against anybody
or any religion that you stand by
but religion is now so tainted and perversed
and people are so blinded
it only takes a bit of wisdom
to understand what you can/cannot
take from the Gods

if you're still clueless
about what i'm trying to say
watch this video

it is a conference
by 净空法师 when he visited Singapore in 1994
about why many people
pray to strike lottery, have obedient children
but their prayers unheard

you may choose to believe
in whatever you want to
i choose to follow
wisdom, freedom and a peace of heart

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