Thursday, April 30, 2009

e-journal [march]

Good day everybody, greetings from Laguna!
Hope that everyone is doing well at their respective companies.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

This e-journal, I will share my learning about things I have observed for the past month. The first being my colleagues are such babies.

I witnessed a fight between two of my colleagues' argument over a piece of rag. L borrowed a piece of rag from another department a day before and was about to return it. However, the supervisor (B) stopped her persistent and relentless efforts to bring the rag back to its owner; as we were also in need of rags. However, L felt she had to live up to her integrity; she must return the rag. So they had an argument and B used his authority, said "I'm in-charge. I said put down the rag and get to work!" L was upset and cried in the kitchen. B complained to me that L did not respect and believed in his decision making as a supervisor.
Learning Point: Monotony in work leads to lacking in maturity and sanity. It is just a piece of rag, it is not framed with diamonds or gold. Leadership is inborn, not trained or commissioned.
My solution to the situation - B should call the other department and extend the "loan period" of the rag. L and B should converse with more tact and understanding.


To date, majority of my shifts are of the Food Runner task. Meaning, I bring food from the kitchen to the customer. Hence most of the time is spent inside the kitchen. In case I have yet to mention, the kitchen cooks/chefs dislike the service staff (us). The feeling is mutual, except for us interns. At the beginning, there was a feeling of distrust. However they grew to realise I'm just a harmless bald chap who is trying his best to get through internship with a miserable pay.
Sometimes, I give them cigarettes when they are empty. Sometimes, they cook me some nice food when they know I am starving. Sometimes, they help me prepare my mis-en-place. Sometimes, I help them wrap sandwiches.
Learning Point: Trust is built over time. It is essential and significant, especially when we have villians for the management. We never know when we would need help from anyone, so always be nice and helpful to everyone. However, I hope they stop inviting me to their weekly drinking or whoring sessions.

There is a staff, lets call her S. She is 40 years old, single and seriously over-weight. S likes to "baby-talk" to us, call us by affectionate names and sometimes gets touchy. (Oh dear, why is this happening to us) Nazirul is safe, probably because she does not fancy beefcakes. Many a times, she calls me 哥哥 ("big brother" in chinese) and Jonathan (Jon-Jon or 帅哥). She pounces on Jonathan and leans and grinds on him in the shuttle bus. Jonathan must have sent her wrong signals some time ago.
Learning Point: Do not send the wrong signals to the opposite sex, especially when they are single and desperate. Office relationships are brutal, do not trample into them.

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